Games have changed and I feel I'm not winning anymore

Why change the game. No doubt Reels and Wheels Xl has changed big time. hardly ever hit bonus, never wild diamonds. Use to be fun to play. I have blown through thousand now in minutes. I did get it from $300 to about $800, but went away fast. No doubt that it is fixed where wilds and free spins, or bonus wheel won’t hit. Ridiculous. Definitely going to spend elsewhere today… I’m done for a while here until they realize you keep more people by letting them win sometimes. I know it can’t always be a win, but the game is different…it was fun at one time. May not win a lot, but could at least play with a few hundred for a while.


I played it on a sister site this morning. 310 $1 spins got me 2 bonuses. One for $14 and the other for $9. They really have gotten real tight lately

Yep, I didn’t mention the sister sites, but on Cafe Casino and Brovada, I haven’t cashed out anything and lost thousands. I need to just stop playing here again. I have played almost all day on Reels and Wheels… Nothing. hit free spins at $5 bet and won $30… hit a couple of Bonus Wheels and it was $15 and $30… Time for me to just drive 3 hours to a real casino where I actually have a chance to win money. I have been doing $5 bets and it just eats it up. I know between the 3 casinos that I have spent well over $1000, and with yesterday, spent over $1000 just here. DONE with it. Maybe a month or 2 I will try back, but just keep thinking it would have to finally hit…nope


These wins were occurring pretty often back then, but now I’m lucky to get 20x on free spins. Wheel is always 18x or 22x :roll_eyes:

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well, congrats to you. Looks like the good ole days when it actually hit. I not saying you are not a player versus someone from Ignition putting this up, but funny how it always has the same screen and same type of screenshot. Trust me, at one time, 4 to 5 months ago, it hit for me like that. I just believe it’s someone from Ignition who posts these winning pics. I know the game can hit like that, just haven’t seen it in months and I play VERY often. Am I wrong, prove me wrong. If these pics are from months ago, I’d believe it

No they are from months ago lol. I just screenshot my screenshot so I could share. I also posted them on big wins back then. I have absolutely nothing to share as of late. It’s all downhill

I know. Those were the good days. Big wins and hitting the Jackpot on the Bonus Wheel. I havent hit the Jackpot in months. I truly believe it’s rigged. I knownyou can win money there, but it is very rare. Thanks for sharing the screen shots. I wish i had some from back then.

Yea I have screenshots of majority. I recall once getting $1700 on a $2 free spins bonus. Got 500x on wheel couple times. Something has happened because it’s awful lately. I also noticed that it is seldom that people post any Reels Xl wins anymore across all 4 forums. They removed it from counting towards bonus rollover and reduced payouts in my opinion

When I started playing I would get decent hits pretty often. Nothing crazy, but at least it kept it fun. Now, I literally can’t hit anything. In the last 3 months I have over 20k in deposits. I have never hit a single jackpot, and have never won anything over 2k on any game. Its ridiculous. Every time I decide to give it another shot, I regret it in about 10 minutes when my money is gone. I don’t expect to win every time, but depositing that much without a single small jackpot or good size win, somethings not right. It seems like an obvious cash grab from loyal good paying customers.

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I agree. I always refer to my old screen shots as the good ol days. My deposits don’t even last long anymore. It just feels like I’m donating at times. We the players know something is different. Never use to be this bad

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I’m feeling the same way. Just straight losses. How are people winning ?!

LOL! True Dat! The sad thing is that these sites used to have the best reputation of any online sites… Not any more, now it’s just just the opposite.

I also noticed the change on XL free spins have been absolutely nothing. I can’t even get above what I deposited ever, the game eats your money. I really don’t know why they changed it to only count as 10% of for bonus play throughs, if it doesn’t ever win anymore. I’m actually scared of depositing anymore because it takes your money in 5 minutes.