Games that used to be fun but suck now

Everybody has a game they used to enjoy but now that game robs them everytime they play it.

Mine is Ming Legends

What is yours?

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I can only typically run good in a game for a couple days then it’s tight for a month or more. You can’t expect to catch any fish with an empty hook can you?? First you bait it, let them get a taste then you hook ‘em. Eventually you’ll catch a few whales … tasting the bait was the fun part.

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Literally, all of them. I haven’t had a decent win here since the first couple months I joined. I have cut my deposit amounts in half because at this point I know I’m throwing away whatever I put in. I have no idea why I keep throwing money at this place…


@Psquared1 is correct. It’s literally all of them.

My go to games are:

Reels XL
American Jet Set
Lady charms

But lately I can’t win on any of em

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Im going to turn you guys onto a hot game. Temple of Luxor. Its a new game. 1.00 minimum spins. Bonus rounds are huge. I’ve hit multiple 200-300 dollar bonus rounds.

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That’s 5 games… there’s hundreds