Getting real vol. 2

Idk, bored and thought I’d share some thoughts.

Bitcoin Exclusive Benefits - make a $30 or higher weekly deposit and receive

-25 free spins at minimum bet ($0.40 or $0.50) on a random slot, also… your wins can’t (and usually won’t anyway) exceed $50.

-15000 reward points (the equivalent of … hardly anything at all)

-$10+$1 poker tournament ticket

-Crypto Cashback if you’re elected to be part of that program by the promotions team and their legendary mystery discretions.

-Literally nothing else. Oh, there is the unusable guaranteed exclusive weekly deposit match. That someone would have to be an idiot to Ever use instead of the bitcoin bonus they can use on every deposit.

The only other promotion that is offered to anyone outside of the weekly boost deposit match, is the pointsback, or “random little gift” that’s also at the mystery discretion of the promotions team.

But truly, does it cost the platform anything whatsoever to offer both the cashback and pointsback? The only people who are receiving it are those who have deposited more than they’ve withdrawn here. That’s a simple fact. Otherwise… you’re not receiving either. And even if you are receiving them… the platform doesn’t really stand much of chance to lose anything because of those. Either you’re going to continue to be eligible for them over time because you’re not withdrawing much, or if you’re lucky enough to withdraw more than your history of deposits - (or since your last cashback or pointsback) - you’ll cease to receive them until you’re back in the hole since your last cash/pointsback gift was awarded.

On top of those lovely player friendly bangers… any CS bonus standard rollover is 35x casino 15x poker per reward point earned.

On top of that, 80% of the support team is either incompetent, miserable about their job and taking it out on players that they shouldn’t, or just don’t really care about the customer service they provide. I’ve witnessed first hand being lied to, misled, messed with etc. by certain supervisors and nothing came of it. Tried reporting it to moderators here, and nothing came of it. Idk… most of the moderators here seem to be cool but maybe their hands are tied. Doesn’t make it right (the experience here).

One more thing, I’m nearly a diamond member three times over again. 7.2 million lifetimes I believe. I’ve had coin in months of $150,000-$200,000 In casino alone many times. And somehow I’m not diamond VIP. And when you ask why , the answer received is once again “We are unsure, this is done at the discretion of the promotions team”.

I don’t know… am I off base to once again be wondering aloud how a place that generates obviously so much… can be so non-player friendly. Unless of course you’re one of the few jackpot lottery winners.


There are a few points to address so we’ll go at them one at a time. of course anyone can as well provide feedback here, but there’s certainly a few thing to take into consideration.

  1. When considering the BTC exclusive program benefits, essentially a $30 deposit causes you to receive spins worth a value of $12.50, reward points worth $15 in bonus funds for a player at your tier level and a Poker ticket worth $11. This is essentially a value of almost $40 on a $30 deposit, which doesn’t even include any deposit bonus attached to the original deposit. All in all this provides almost a value of 200% on a $30 deposit per week. Obviously anyone can decide for themselves what bonuses they feel is fair, but to say that it’s insignificant for this amount of a deposit certainly isn’t true for everyone.

  2. There are also numerous rewards not being mentioned here as the points drop isn’t the only other benefit associated to accounts. All gameplay does also come with reward points that are earned during gameplay and provided to accounts, as well as the reward offers associated with them. There are also referral benefits, Poker bonuses, the poker freerolls, and account specific deposit bonuses.

  3. In regards to the VIP, there’s not really much to add about this as again it is discretionary and an invite Tier. It’s based off multiple factors and not merely activity but we wouldn’t want anyone to play outside of their means regardless so it’s not something we have more details on.

Thanks for the response

  1. The reward points value of $15, well… if you redeemed it for the $15, you would have to wager through $150 before the money is available to withdraw/use on poker. So I’m not sure if I’d place its real value at that.

  2. I did miss on the reward points gained during gameplay. This is true. Also the birthday bonus. The poker bonuses, if you’re referring to the bad beat and royal flush in cash game … well… not impossible but highly, highly unlikely to happen at any given time.

  3. This one is where I just do not understand. The reason why they won’t give criteria to get to this level is so that players will play within their means? How can that be the case. The criteria is shown for reaching all of the tiers below that. And what factors could it possibly be based on other than coin in? I could see them holding back on inviting for someone with as much lifetime miles as myself , IF the case was that I was up oodles of money lifetime here. But it’s not. So the fact that I’m not part of it… “baffling” has a nice ring to it.

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Just to clarify here on the VIP tier. I am not stating there is no criteria provided to ensure players stay within their means. This more meant that it isn’t possible for us to provide specific information on other player accounts who are in VIP or to compare to, and we always merely advise players to play within their means and at a comfortable level anyways.

I gotcha. And I know you’re just relaying the small amount of info you’re given.

But it’s not an acceptable answer for someone in my position, and I imagine many others would feel the same. Just providing feedback even though it never seems to amount to anything.

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