Glitches in the site

This is my 3rd day in a row having to contact costumer service. Day 1- was a bonus issue. Day 2 got my bonus fixed they had a withdrawal issue. Day 3 today player transfer issue. Then the interruption in every game unimaginable. I’ve about had it. Crazy to think they provide a software program. We play it they make money. Gotta make this right. Or I’m moving to a different site


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I am your unofficial host and almost everyones best friend if you have any questions just let me know and i will do my best to troll you.


Hi @Bobrpar,

Welcome to the Forum.

I’m sorry to hear about this negative experience.

If you have any questions or issues, kindly send us a PM HERE and we’ll be happy to assist.

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Tons of glitches and outages across the network this morning! all platforms!

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@chicoraro78 Can you please explain the type of glitches you’re getting as we don’t see any gameplay from this morning?

Im not sure if its on my end with Xfinity…so no reports of outages?

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Nothing that we’ve seen. We’ll keep an eye out. But can you explain where the glitch is happening? is it here on the forum page?

I think it might have been my Xfinity service…disregard please! You know something is wrong when it takes 10 mins to load up the xfinity page that tests how fast your internet speed is! Not fast! lol


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Anyone having any glitches this weekend, needing to refresh screen on many occasions? Specifically on the 18th and this morning.