GOL bonus spins?

so i used the milage points to get the 10 spins bonus and the game wont load and the bonus expires soon what do i do mods?

Did you try clearing cache and cookies or incognito mode?

I didn’t receive my free spins I meant the Miles points to get my free spins

@Jsmove77 welcome to the forum. I don’t think I understood the issue, can you please elaborate?

the bonus i used my milage pts for expired and the only reason it expired is because god of luxor wont load. its the only game that wont load

@Manntar If you used your points and turned them into a bonus you can use this bonus for different products.

As for the game Gods of Luxor please provide more details. Please try these troubleshooting steps and let me know how it goes:

  • Clear cache and cookies;
  • Log in from incognito mode
  • Log in from another browser or device.

it works on mymobile. and the freespins offer is there still thank you. im using firefox on my laptop if you wanted to figure it out. i have a problem with poker games also where after some sit n gos it just errors for like an hour where i can do nything… not sure if thats a browser issue but it really only happens on my laptop

I’ll message you.