Has anyone ever had to wait 2 months to get paid

My original cash out date was march 4 2023. my bad for thinking i could deposit there check into my bank, but no . nobody would cash there check. im assuming ill get paid when they feel like paying me. but you would think having to wait 45 days now they would try to find someway to compensate me for my inconvienence and putting me through such trouble trying to get whats rightfully mine. i just had to pay 10,000 in taxes which wiped out my gambling money. but they have 1600 of my money that i could feed my addiction with and who knows could help with my taxes. but all i get is thank you for your patients. well thank you for making me feel like a idiot putting my money in a casino who does not do business right. if anybody knows what i can do about this please let me know. and ive been patient so save that suggestion.

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The stop check was summitted 16 days ago. The timeframe of 10-15 business days is an approximation, but this should be completed for you soon.

Why didn’t you get a crypto withdrawal they are super fast