Has anyone had any luck lately?

No Greed? No weekly comps for big spenders, and I’m not taking a deposit match where you have to play for 2 days to be able to cash out. Unfortunately MGM is about a 3 and a half hour drive , so I can’t go as often as I’d like. They at least give me a free room and at the least $360 a week in comps… They have way more overhead than this site does and I have played there less than on this site, yet they are loyal to me. Ignition shows NO LOVE TO LOYAL PLAYERS…that’s greed


It’s freaking stupid anymore!! This site has bled me out!! I hope they sleep well at night!!

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Nope. Not at all. I understand it’s gambling and that’s exactly what it is. But I would have hoped it would be just a little fun like it was in the beginning. Now I don’t win anything ever. I am still quite new but I was just looking for a little fun to unwind a little today. Oh well!

Nope, Im down about 11k in the last 2 months. Ive only made one withdrawal for 2k, and in like 2 weeks put most of it back in. I asked for a voucher one time from help chat, they gave 85 bucks, then i realized it had rollover requirements. It just seems like the people that spend decent amounts of money and make consistent deposits should get a little boost once in awhile with no strings attached…


It’s unreal. I deactivated my account a few weeks ago because I had been getting destroyed across all sister sites. Caught Covid and got bored today. Activated today, made 3 deposits and ended with a 66% RTP. 15X bonuses, 5X bonuses just a complete disaster. My biggest win was a 40X on my 3rd deposit that didn’t even get me back to even for that session. Just gonna close it again. I guess, I learned another life lesson today.

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I left for a week and came back, why? I have no clue! I blew through $500. + In a couple of hours mostly playing the penguin scratch game cause I usually do well on it and I didn’t hit for 40× or 80× like usual about every 100- 150 cards it just skipped right through those wins that are usually pretty regular. Chat with CS offered me $35 with 35× rollover requirement. What A joke! Gave me the old random wins crap and we don’t control wins bullshit. Well guess what I can’t keep pissing away money with no hope of ever recooping what I have deposited so I’m done. Her response this makes me sad to hear.
Why because now you might have to go get a job that doesn’t require you to lie to people and you might have to actually do an honest days work - you poor thing. There’s a special place for people that prey on others and someday it will be filled with ignition employees.

At least you get offered bonuses

Only because I contact customer support and I’m nice to them

ok?? i do too? promotions team just decided im not allowed to receive them anymore because im not important enough as a customer apparently

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Or because they’re tired of you calling them on their bs and proving them wrong repeatedly. In the nicest way possible too.

Well apparently I’m on my way out with them cause that $35 was a slap in the face if you ask me. Best part is she offered me a deposit bonus of 50% up to $500 and I said how about the 35 and the deposit bonus and she said sure no problem but guess what there was no deposit bonus so I called back and basically got told that I got a $35 bonus and there was no other bonuses available for me at this time and when I didn’t respond within like 30 seconds the chat was ended and that was it so I chatted again and this time was told that I’d gotten my $35 bonus and there was nothing else available for me at this time and I said can’t you check the conversation and he told me that he could not check that conversation when the last agent that I talked to before this one said that he was going to check my conversation with the first agent and I don’t know whatever what he said because when I went to answer him the chat disappeared so it was like gone I was left standing there looking stupid which you know is the normal thing for me evidently because I’m still depositing on ignition smack my head

thats exactly it. In fact it was the very exact day i started talking about them changing the RTP based on the crypto market swings. I referred a friend in person about a year ago and was over at his house a few weeks back. He was being a drunk @sshole and calling the agent every name possible on the chat and he still receives non deposit bonuses all the time. i obviously pissed them off i have had three agents confirm that non deposit bonuses are not available for my account at the discretion of the company and no matter how much i deposit or lose i cant receive one until the company decides ( at their discretion) to make them available for me again

So have you found any sites that are decent or you know have something different to offer besides losing constantly

the company basically has an on/off switch that make non deposit bonuses either allowed to be given to your account or not . i pissed them off with some of my posts and comments on here so they switched mine to the “off” or in their technical terms " non deposit bonuses are not available for my account"

oh you haven’t seen the half of it yet. I was sitting down and shutting up about a lot of things because I was still getting non deposit bonuses almost every day after a couple losing deposits. they want to cut me off fine but im not gonna be nice anymore

I wonder how many people are doing the same thing you did and still getting their bonuses so they won’t speak up. I haven’t played here as long as most so I’ve never seen it go from good to bad, it’s always been bad.

I must not be important to them either. But I tell you this Im about done losing here. I deposit and spin loser after loser. Just lost 4500 no bonus nothing. I once loved playing here. But its fading fast. I have more luck playing zilla zilla on facebook. But its no one to blame but me. Im the one that keeps depositing, but getting old quick. They used to give me 5k 8k bounce back. Now they say here is a gift for you have 500 with a 35x rollover good luck. Im like what im do with that lol most times I just forfeit it and keep it moving. But all good small things to a giant. Wish the players good luck and may they win win win. But please dont hold your breath hate to see you passs out lol

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do you mind me asking what games you play or game after depositing and how much you bet per spin? not trying to sound like im defending one side or another but $500 of bonus funds after losing $4500 still sounds pretty good considering a lot of players like myself receive $0 of bonus funds even after depositing and losing $1000+ over a few days

also correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you hit one of the super jackpots? i seem to remember you commenting about it a few weeks back

Looks like he’s deposited 55K in the last week though :grimacing: so $500 isn’t that much compared to that total