Has anyone had any luck lately?

Is anyone winning anything lately. Any epic wins? Any cashouts? understand that losing is a part of gambling. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve perfected it lol But something has changed here over the last 3 months. Although I lose almost everyday, it used to at least be fun to play here. Now it’s hundreds and hundreds of spins with no bonuses or any wins greater than 5x my bet. I can go 50-60 spins in a row without any win of any kind. How’s that possible? Obviously slot odds favor the house but this is on another level. Over the last month I’ve stuck to playing just one game and I haven’t won anything significant whatsoever. I’ve lost almost 6k in the last month while playing $0.40-$2 bets. Not one epic win and only a handful of mega wins. I haven’t been up more than $60 at any given point….I went almost 300 spins without the bonus the other night and when I finally hit the bonus I won 3/4 of my bet lmao. Again, how is that even possible? I have only myself to blame for continuing to deposit daily but I’m really starting to think something fishy is going on. Theres nothing anyone can say that can convince me it’s possible to lose this much money every single day for months straight while playing low stakes. I have never in my life felt cheated after a gambling loss until recently. I think I have finally reached my limit with this site. I will continue to play poker here(even though the variance is ridiculous) but I’m done with the casino. If you see me on here whining about another gambling loss next week please feel free to call me out on my stupidity. Lol Good luck to y’all


Lol same here, haven’t got an epic win in a very very long time but yeah I keep coming back for whatever reason :joy:

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Not to add salt to your wounds but the only person you should be mad at is yourself. If a games not hitting try another game or take a break at least.

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Pretty sure I said I can only blame myself but thanks for your wonderful insight….I’ve played one game strictly for a month just to see if maybe I was catching games at bad times. But how is possible for the same game to run bad for month straight?

Are you.kidding me, worst I have ever done on this site pretty dismal say the lease,
Win a semi good one and after that like a vacuum on super charged,pretty pittaful for online casino that depends on the traffic

It’s impossible it’s straight greed

@Mike730 We understand its frustrating to not win every session but I can assure you that there is no greed, You’ve actually withdrawn almost three times the amount deposited in the last month. I think that would be the opposite of your statement

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I’m actually wasn’t even talking to you. Check my whole account i used to withdraw thousands at a time compared to measly couple hundred in last few months! And your gonna tell me nothing changed. Go read everyone’s post on each forum on all sister sites and it says same as hear

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It’s even more frustrating to not win any session. Lol I’ve won couple hundred bucks playing poker but I’m 0 for my last like 100 on casino sessions here. Something has definitely changed. I’m ok with losing. I expect it. But it used to be win a little then lose more now it’s just hundreds and hundreds of spins without wining anything over 5x bet. That’s seems little suspect. But again I’m the fool that continues to deposit daily so looks like y’all’s plan is still working just fine lol

Its been tough lately. Haven’t had any luck

False claim matt

I have been on here for about 2 months. Probably around 20 deposits. Not a single withdrawal. Down around 5K.

Also, free bonuses are not super important to me. But they are nice. I have not received 1 yet.

The site is very user friendly. And the games are fun. But customer service is a complete joke. The gameplay is a complete joke. The only reason people play is because of the convenience. RNG is questionable at best.

It’s my fault for putting money in this site. I can only blame myself. Need to find a new hobby. Good luck everyone who continues to play!


I cant hit anything… won a few times and has gone totally cold

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I am thoroughly confused. I am supposedly hosted, which i have figured out means nothing, but i asked for a comp yesterday, and i think she suggested i go on the forum to see if players were giving away money. Lol, i asked for clarification. Has anybody ever seen a promotion on the forum?

They have random giveaways but only one or two users are selected at random

Yes, but I actually have a friend sign up and won a 4800 jackpot on fairy wins yesterday. When she tried to withdraw, her account was disabled. I think something fishy is going on with ignition. She is pissed!!!

I have noticed that everything has changed since the problems started a couple of months ago. It’s just stupid!! I like this site it’s easy to navigate and has poker and slots, live dealer etc. But it’s getting hard to swallow the losses for convenience.

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New marketing team with plans to reduce win payouts overall for their salary to grow. Also when the company goes to shit they will only be fired. But the damage done won’t matter. Even though the company will have to cut some employees because of the loss of players and deposits made.

Once they see the quarterly results or YTD. There will be more changes. By that time another company will have already been established and the company goes bankrupt and we’ll be using the website as an example.

People have already left in droves. Feel stupid for staying around for so long because of loyalty especially since none is showed to me


This morning I won $110 on top of my initial $40 deposit & cashed out.
About 2 hours ago i had an Epic Win on Reels of Fortune HDJ. $500 win on a $5.00 spin…

Haven’t had that kinda of day since last November.