Has anyone requested a withdraw today and already received it?

I’m just curious. I don’t need to know how much it was or even how fast it was processed, just if it was requested and completed today. I was told they are extremely backed up because there were a ton of requests made over the weekend and that they are normally handled in the order they are received. Would be really shady of the payment team to be processing these out of order, wouldn’t it? I was told this yesterday before any of the issues after maintenance this morning. Here I am still waiting 30 hours after submitting my request. Part of me doesn’t want to post this because I’m sure its gonna get mine thrown under the bottom of the pile but I wanna know lol

I have had a <$100 withdrawal from Saturday night still being “processed” (LTC)… I was told as well, just to be patient as they are “extremely backed up”

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Sounds like they need to do some hiring in the payments dept!!! Mine is the 2nd biggest amount I’ve ever cashed…its north of $1500 so one could understand my anxiousness. May not seem like a lot to some of these high rollers on here but its a substantial amount of money to me in todays world. I will finally be able to get the d@&% A/C fixed on my car, which I’ve been without for almost 2 years lol

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noice score! I’m hoping it’s the next day or so, getting tired of waiting, and the run around

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Once again we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve resolved this for most of the players, nevertheless if you still need assistance please let us know and we’ll take a look.

Still waiting for mine

We’re still working on processing it. I’m sincerely sorry for the waiting time.

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I just wish someone could make it make some kind of sense. Something that for years has routinely taken less than an hour is all of the sudden taking 48+ hours and no apparent end in sight. Would it help if i were to just cancel it and try again? I almost did that yesterday but decided to wait it out. If I were to cancel and re-submit what are the chances it takes another 2 days or more? Or would it go thru as it usually does in an hour or less?

I totally understand where you’re coming from. Based on my experience I’d suggest to wait for now.

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Did it work for you? I am waiting for mine under pending review status

It happens I imagine from time to time, sometimes things get jammed up especially during a surge that, but I wouldn’t think they’d process it out of the order. Pretty much as they were saying they’ll get to it I bet :+1: