HELP! How much would I make?

Does anyone know how much I would make if I was playing Vegas 10X and wagered $3.00 and I hit a 2X - 2X - 2X ? Anyone know? The payout line says 100 for 2X-2X-2X. Just curious. Thanks Team

Hi @Rtoole, 10 Times Vegas has 3 Paylines, so if you bet a total of $3.00, it will be betting $1.00 per line. You will need to hit the Wild X2 symbols in the exact position of any one of the pay lines in the image below.

Once you hit this combination on a Payline, the risked amount for that line will be multiplied by 100 as shown in the game’s Paytable to determine your win amount. Example: $1.00 X 100 = $100