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Hello forum / admins !

I was referred here by a friend and the support team to ask for a “reset” from an admin on the new game “Bounty Hunter” that is frozen and will not load for me no matter what I try ( yes I have tried all recommended suggestions from Ignitions technical support … I even have tried logging in from multiple devices with the same result).

The game disconnected while trying to transition into the bonus spins I had won shown below. Everytime I have tried to reload the game it only loads blank boxes as is also show below.

Its my understanding that the forum mods have the ability to reset games in instances like these … an ability which the support team interestingly are unable to access. Furthermore, support could not reach out to the forum mods on my behalf, hence this post, which I also thought was interesting. I was told Ignition staff operate under rules and regulations and that communication between the two entities on the players behalf lies outside of those boundaries. Satisfactory answer but interesting none the less.

Anyway, I would appreciate it if someone could assist me with this! Please reach out if further info is required.

Cheers, Dom

Screen when trying to load game:

I found the spin in question at 7:08:07 AM. It would seem it immediately calculated all my bonus spins as it says “Won $22.72 at 7:08:07 AM” immediately following it. That seems a bit strange it would do that.

Im praying that $22.72 at the very least gets honored. Im worried because it says it was won in my transactions, and that they will claim it was credited to my account … when I’m %100 certain my account balance was $137.83 upon loading my next game.

I am not sure where you were advised this, but it’s not correct I’m afraid. We follow the same processes for games as CS agents would.

What we can do is escalate this to get checked by the casino team for you, however, in regards to payments if you’re seeing that $22 on your transactions it appears you were already paid out for this. This is in line with some other reports we’ve had for the game. While the spins seem to have provided an error report they did complete on our end and in the system and paid you out correctly. I have reviewed this and it is the case.

Can you PM us these details (ignore the ones already answered by the screenshots above):

Time and Date of the incident (ET):
Description of the issue:
Games Effected:
Browser(s) used:
Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Have you done the following:
• Clear cache and cookies:
• Try another browser:
• Reinstalled the poker client since these issues?
• Used Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

Hmmm well that being the case … customer support used some interesting and ambiguous verbiage, sorry to assert that incorrectly Foster!

Are you able to escalate it regardless? The game is still frozen and I have a feeling if it gets unfrozen that 22$ will get credited. I’m observant and have disconnected from bonuses before and have noticed the tendency of some games to simulate the bonus and even add it to my balance (like $100 starting balance, gets disconnected from game during bonus, notices my balance is now at $125, loads back into bonus that I watch finish playing out, totaling $25 won). I was hoping / expecting this to happen this time but it didn’t. I’m certain that my account remained at $138 like the screen shot shows as I was looking out for this.

Yes I will PM you all that info now.

We’ve reviewed your transactions and the game did pay you out, your balance went up to around $160 at the time even if it wasn’t shown on screen because of the error. We will of course escalate to get you to be able to play the game again, but there’s not likely to be any funds being added to your balance unfortunately. The spins on our end are complete and paid out correctly. This is more just a case of getting you back into the game itself at this point.

Could you show this to me somewhere other than on the screen shot I submitted?

That wasn’t meant to be in doubt and taken as insulting. I more just ask for my peace of mind. Seeing also as this is a new game I would have hoped that your tone would be somewhat considerate of quirky things possible to happen / taking me at my word :\ Like I’m not trying to pull one over on you sir, I am just genuinely trying to get to the bottom of this.

No worries you’re definitely entitled to see it. Though I’ll provide this via PM as it’ll be account sensitive.

Wondering if they resolved this for you. I had the same thing happen amd still cant play this game as i get the same blank boxes. When I ask for help I’m told it’s not an error on their end and to try the troubleshooting tips. I have been trying everyday and still no fix.

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Nope still broken for me despite assurances it has been fixed.

Responded via PM.

Can you look at mine too…it is still broke for me despite numerous attempts to troubleshoot ony end.

@KimLuna, could you please send us the details that Foster mentioned above? Please send them ONLY via personal message.

This is the same issue I’ve been dealing with @Foster

What issues are you having exactly?

This is the exact issue I’ve had for over a month now as the above two reported……

I am still dealing with this too …

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Yep, still dealing with this issue. Glad to see that others are too … not due to your misfortune because of this of course but due to the fact that other people can feel the same struggle of Ignition being completely unable to fix this and instead just asks us information about it over and over lol …

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