How long do crypto deposit addresses last?

One of my backup crypto wallets requires a 24 hour wait period before you can send to a new address. So my question is, hypothetically, if i were to whitelist the deposit address, would it be possible to continue depositing to that same address? If so, how long will that address stay active? Thanks

Do not deposit to the same address. This is why we always give you a new address when you request to deposit.

Gotcha, but how long does the address stay active? Since this particular wallet requires a 24 hour wait period after whitelisting before i can send funds

If you have already used the address I would strongly advise you not to use the same one.
It can lead to a delay or possible loss off funds, each time you deposit will need to be a unique address.

What i mean is, if i generate a brand new deposit address, then whitelist it to my cryto wallet, wait the 24 hours and then make my deposit, will it go through?

The part in my original post about making multiple deposits was just a hypothetical

You need to request a deposit, and use the address provided each time you want to deposit.
Are you saying your wallet will only send to 1 address every 24 hours?

Once i add the address, i have to wait 24 hours untl i can send to it

wow, I’ve never heard of that before, might it not be an idea to look for an alternate wallet if that is the case?

Lol i know its a pain in the ass but luckily its not my primary wallet, just a backup

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might i ask which wallet allows you to send it without having to whitlist it because im running into the same problem

I’d recommend purchasing through coinbase then send to blockchain then to ignition

As long as you dont purchase the crypto thru blockchain it will let you send it immediately

why not send directly from coinbase

Apparently coinbase frowns up gambling and theres a possibility you could get flagged