How long it takes to get chat on chat

My lord it says 5-7mins to talk to chat and I’ve waited like 20mins then the screen comes up with a Sorry message. And you have to start again… I’m sure you guys are truly busy. But we should come up with something so we don’t have to wait that long. Never takes that long to deposit :grin:

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The chat is currently busy likely due to the exclusive spins and points that aren’t issued. We do apologize for this for sure but it isn’t always this busy.

For me:
As a matter fact it has been that busy for the last four or five days I mean I haven’t been able to get in the chat Basically at all zero luck I keep pressing connect to chat it times out every 20 minutes and has been doing it for hours and hours and days so I don’t know what the problem is

Feel free to PM the mods if you need anything

I’m guessing the chat runs on RNG as well

It is simply very busy the last day or so, our contact has spiked quite a bit due to the reward point and spins issue. It will likely reduce now that they’ve been issued.

Nope still takes forever haven’t been able to get in chat all day again

If you need any assistance, please send us a PM with more info and we will be happy to assist

OK but what’s wrong chat? I can’t get in at all literally all day for a week now

Chat is available 24/7, at times it may get busier than usual, hence the waiting time. You can send a message to us and we will assist.

What does that mean? Pm the mods??

A private message to the moderators