i dont get whats going on

so ive been waiting to get paid for well over a month patiently… and ive still been depositing money and playing . but the thing is i cant hit anything ill put 50 in 4 or 5 times a day different games no matter what cant win. ive been gambling a long time and im pretty lucky. ive hit 62 jackpots in 1 year at a real casino . and i was doing ok here until i cashed out and couldnt cash the check. i know i should have used crypto but i had never used it and didnt want to loose my winnings . i just want to get paid . but heres the kicker so im talking to customer service about getting compt a bonus or something cause all the money ive been spending and she tells me i dont qualify and i ask why and she cant tell me cause its for internal people in the company. so what ever is going on that explains why i cantr win because they wont let me win. ive done nothing wrong im always patient and polite ???

Oh I think you know but just don’t want to believe it. Congrats on the jackpots. I hit like 40 hand pays in one day at a casino. Must have been the quarterly pay back day or something


Your withdrawal request has been processed a month ago, as for the bonus, right, there’s no specific reason why one is not available.

I wish you better luck!