I dont see any bonuses

Usually every Monday I can see new deposit bonus but not last 2 weeks. Can you please check it for me. I especially interested in $100 crypto bonus what runs sometimes . Thank you in advance

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@Demmos This is in your account now.

@ Moderators - Same here. I know I’ve used 1 bonus this week but I’m used to having a total of 3 (and one of those was able to be used more than once)?

The last few weeks I’ve only had 1. Are bonus offers being changed around? If so I really hope this isn’t the new offer schedule. Can you advise if I’m missing bonuses?

I am sorry for any confusion here.

Note that the BTC exclusive program only offers one guaranteed deposit bonus. Most of the other Monday bonuses that are provided are not actually exclusive program benefits and are discretionary marketing items that are not guaranteed or permanent. (This includes the bonuses that come with the ‘exclusive’ email. The exclusive in this case pertains to exclusive to your account, not the crypto program.) They are somewhat intended to be promotional and limited time offers.

This doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t be picked up again, but they aren’t something we can provide from our end unfortunately.

I noticed they were gone too. I assumed they were on-going.sigh