I hit the Hot Drop Jackpot

I honestly thought it was fake. Turns out it’s real. Too bad it was only the hourly jackpot.

I was playing golden buffalos for .40 cents a spin. Got the 3 hot drop signs. After that a reel comes up with hourly, daily, and super jackpots. Pretty much knew what it was going to land on based on the time.

Anyways nice 1500 hit from 30 dollar deposit I though I’d share.


Congratulation on your big win @Davis422.

That’s absolutely rad good for you good for you🤙🏼 I play that game all the time! It’s my birthday today, brother! Feel free to send me a couple of them Buffalo’s! I play all the time! If you send me some, I’ll send you some When I Hit! Seriously think about it, we can keep each other bankrolled! Nice Work Buffalo Slayer!!

Very nice win

Nice hit! I wish I knew what it felt like to win anything here. Congrats

Dude stop being a mooch


Congrats man! Nice hit!

Yeah it’s a good thing I hit the Hot Drop because the actual golden buffalos game is playing like absolute garbage. I think they took buffalo wins out of the game.

This is fun

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Hit this one the other week off a .80 spin

And hit this one off a $2 spin on a sister site about a week prior

, both being in bonus rounds obviously . They still happen but are few and far between.

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Hey speak of the devil haha. Glad they finally gave you a buffalo win and borrow some funds for a bit , but they’ll take them back soon enough if your like me lol

Troutking836 let me ask you a question. When you hit those, were they off of a fresh deposit, or did you have the money already in your account? It seems I can never hit anything if I’m working with winnings. All big hits have came right after a deposit…

The first one was after a few hours playing off $100 deposit. I couldn’t win anything at first just kind of floated down and eventually only had $7. Decided to take a break as it was being frustrating to not hit anything. Ran to the store , came back and was able to run that $7 up to $400 playing goblins gold. Then lost $100 on mister manor, went to buffalo and ran it @$2 for probably 200+ spins taking me down to almost my initial $100. I was kicking myself the whole time for getting a nice win and immediately just running it back. Dropped the bet down to .80 cent and put it on 10 autos , hit a bonus about three spins in and that monster showed up during the bonus.

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Second one was on a sister site , I deposited $100 with a 225% match bonus and was only about 20% through the playthrough when I hit the $4500 one. I left after a bit and went to monster manor doing $25 spins right off the bat. Hit a bonus about 5 spins in for $500 then the very next spin I somehow hit the free spins for about $1500. Put me around $6500 but every game went straight downhill from there by the time I cleared the rollover (about 14k total) I only had around $3000. Hindsight I should have just set it down and came back later when they all started missing. One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes myself included is trying to get through the rollover instead of just playing to have fun and get some hits. It’s not going anywhere the winnings will still be there later if you take a break. They will however disappear if you keep playing while it’s obviously not hitting anymore .I know exactly what you’re talking about when you say it seems like it always goes downhill after a nice win. The only time I can actually run it up some more is if I hop off for at least 5 or so hours and come back later

Buffalo has been so dry for me for many months. I know it’s extremely high volatility but just winning 10x my bet in a bonus round would be nice. Bonus is definitely feast or famine.

The most Won on a .80 cent bet was 900.
The most won on a $2 bet was $2800
The most won on a $4 bet was 2k

Thanks for the share the hourly is more than enough hope to see more winners posting there wins