I need advice, please

Ok so recently blockchain flagged and confiscated one of my bitcoin withdrawals, siting that it was from a gambling establishment. They requested everything but my first born as far as pay stubs, gambling transaction history, bank statements, etc… anyhow I’m searching for a new wallet. Any ideas?

Based on everything I know about crypto I’m highly skeptical that “Blockchain” itself would identify or even care if it’s from an illicit source…
Were you by chance trying to move it from your cold wallet “Blockchain” to a cash out wallet like CashApp or Coinbase when it was “confiscated” as you say… I’m not trying to say you are lying just feel like there is more to the story.
Or were you by chance doing transactions directly with your “Blockchain” wallet from these sites and trying to exchange with the same wallet as well for USD?

No, it was just sitting there for several days. It was moved to the trader wallet. I tried to move it to my private key. Its been in limbo since. It was only one of the three transactions that they flagged.

Here is the email. What do you think I should do

I’ve always bought at one site, transferred to blockchain, and in reverse when I make a withdrawal. I’ve never cashed out on blockchain

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Very strange they would be able to identify it’s from a “gambling service” as they state, sounds like they are fishing just hoping they are right with an assumption based on activity…
I wouldn’t give them anything as far as identifying information and just unfortunately cut your losses with them by moving on.
I use Bitcoin.com wallet through App Store on iPhone as anonymous setup and never had any issues like this.

Ok, thank you.

Sorry that happened but never seen anything like it…but then again world gets more strange every day and I know the Feds want to crack down on anything that competes with Fiat $

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Blockchain is being cracked down on (Government did coinbase and a few other wallets/exchanges). Kracken is next, along with another crypto wallet. Not sure what I should do for wallet, vs exchange. Blockchain is now becoming an exchange, but I am not enamored with exodus.

Decided to download Exodus for desktop. Not that bad. Up for 24 hours, a little wine :star_struck:, and I can still understand it.

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Blockchain are a bunch of crooks if you Google it. They held $700 of mine and did the same thing to me. It took more than a week to get to my money withdrawn. Apparently they do that a lot- check Twitter, Google reviews, etc.

Get a new wallet ASAP!

I am trying to find one. Which one do you suggest