I reffered a friend and for free at that

So I have been with ignition 4 almost 10 years I’m a titanium a little over halfway left to being a diamond player so just imagine how much money I have spent with very little return cuz I have not yet hit a jackpot I mean I got a $15,000 win that’s the biggest but that’s not the point I referred three people to this establishment and on my last referral as I was sitting up her account in her kitchen I was also playing Keno on my account and I had just hit 1638 so I’m figuring because a few years back I referred somebody player transferred some money to them the counted has a deposit and I got my bonus now deposited it was she deposited but a transfer so a little a little minor detail anyways I called customer service the first lady said I was going to get an exception if I had her deposit again so now that’s not an exception that’s you guys making me something completely different and making me do the same thing twice just to get something that I already earned at the end of the day I deposit is it a deposit no matter how you look at it as long as it goes her account goes from zero to something deposit. the end of story but she didn’t see it that way and she decided to hang up on me tell me she was going to a supervisor call back got a supervisor told me that I have to deposit again in her account now why would I want to ever refer anybody back to this this place if I get there if prestigious players who spend all their money religiously at this establishment get treated like piss poor people anyways I can’t really continue to go on about this because it’s just stupid if I feel anything right now it’s betrayal disappointment and I’m hurt I’m not going to lie to you I felt like unappreciated it’s cool though hi guys thanks for reading hopefully it doesn’t happen to you

We’re sorry to hear the frustration on this.

On review the reason the referral bonus wasn’t applied was due to the fact that a player transfer was made for the first deposit. Unfortunately player transfers and vouchers are unable to have bonuses or referrals applied to them.

However, customer service did make the exception to ensure that any subsequent deposit made by this player through any other method will still apply you a referral bonus in the future.

I should not have to do the same thing twice ear regardless of what you guys think especially one I did a player transfer back in 2017 when I referred my first friend and I got the bonus you guys just aren’t it’s not an exception if I have to do it twice

How is she going to how is she going to make another deposit she’s not going to stay at this casino because he just as mad as I am that I didn’t get my bonus in the first place and she’s she’s not a fan of you guys because you guys are doing this to me like I told her what would be happening if I put her on and if you guys are not honoring your word transfer or not money answering an account is a deposit

This wouldn’t be possible unfortunately as player transfers have not been a usable option for this long. They were only instituted around a year or 2 ago.

Again we are sorry for the frustration for sure, but this isn’t something we can exception. Vouchers and player transfers aren’t available for any bonuses which I believe is detailed in their terms of use.

This is due to certain bonus abuse issues, and not something we can exception sadly.