I was disconnected this AM from Live Dealer blackjack, but auto-bet kept running, when I reconnected my $500 balance was $30, Ignition support told me to talk to a pit boss... Help please?

I’ve now been disconnected from 3-4 poker MTTs that has probably cost me hundreds in missed prize pool, however this one hurt the most, and apparently Ignition support wants me to speak with the pit boss on a live dealer game - Can someone from support please help me get a real answer as to who would support this issue?

I was playing Live Dealer when the video and audio froze, and when I tried logging back in I got the message “Error”, and when I was finally able to reconnect I clicked on “Live Dealer” and it brought me right to a table where I appeared to have been playing with auto-bet on for around an hour and down $400-$500.

Is this just a loss I take because Ignition is having connection issues? Or is there actual IT support that can verify my account performed no actions each hand for a certain period of time and refund me back those funds?

Will the site freezing issue ever stop? After my fun support chat session where they disconnected the chat while I was being polite and courteous I am about at the end of what I will deal with from Ignition.

Can someone from support here please advise how I handle this situation?

Thank you in advance for any response from support, I am feeling literally sick thinking about that loss to my balance from being disconnected yet again :\

If it is live dealer you would need to speak to the pit boss, they will then create a ticket for the game to be checked for you.

Hello @Davy

I spoke with the on-table support again tonight after they created ticket # LC56864 9 days ago, and since this has been escalated I’ve not received an email from their support.

So I got on a table tonight to request an update, and they repeated “Please talk to your sites support” over and over, completely ignoring my comments about Ignition support saying they cannot assist and asking who should be emailing me.

I talked to Ignition support again tonight after this, and they only tell me to contact live dealer support on-table, even after advising the Live Dealer support is sending me back to them.

Its been 10 days since I’ve had my account drained of $500 due to Ignition site connectivity issues, and both sides of support will no help me, sending me to the other side.

And live dealer support advised when they opened the ticket that they did not see any player input for an hour during the morning I referenced, but noted that their software played my hands Basic Strategy during the disconnection as though that makes it OK for players to have their accounts drained.

Basic strategy does not tactically EP or fluctuate betting to compensate for chip stack gains or losses, it does not sit out if the deck is running terrible, and it apparently doesn’t win many hands either using ‘basic strat’ to control a disconnected players entire Ignition Balance.

Can you please advise how I handle not getting support from either side of this please?