I won eighty cents with a $2 bet in the leprechaun legends bonus round

That’s pretty incredible. I was down to my last $6 and I was betting $2 per spin and I hit the bonus round in Leprechaun Legends. I was super excited because I was almost out of money, but I ended up only winning eighty cents during my free spins.

That’s completely ridiculous and cruel to do to someone. How is that even a thing?

I’ve received nothing before…not a dime in bonus round and free spins.

That’s life here at ignition. I just went 400 spins and finally hit a bonus with my last $5 in my account to win a whopping $1.50. Smh. One bonus in 400 spins and max win was 4.5 my bet. What a joke…….new year same BS. :disappointed:

You’re playing the same games over and over aren’t you? I can only run good on a few games for about a week then they’re cold for months . Jump around and find some new mains

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AGREED… same here…

Yeah you’re right. I need to switch it up. Usually play only 4 games but mostly cyber punk.

Seeing as all I do is whine and complain about losing in this forum lol I’ll also post that I did turn $100 into $600 this morning so that was pretty cool. It’s been awhile lol

I know!! Wtf is going on with this site!!! :face_vomiting::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: .
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I hit ( 2X -7- 2x ) that paid 48$ then I got the respin and got ( 2x-2x-2x ) and the end payout was
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80some dollar’s.
For the last 6-8monts this sites payouts seem to be messed the heck up!! Definitely needs someone to check it out!!!