I won the social tourney

Lol i only won 34$ but it feels nice to finally win one of these after ive been 0/500
Can i go 2/2 this week and win the weekly freeroll? No most likely not but im going to try :rofl:


Sorry $31 llol

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Congrats dude! I’ve cashed a few but am still trying for my first win.

How much is first place in the 2500 freeroll on Thursday night

Like 220 i think

Congrats on winning the social. Good job.

The $2500 freeroll on here, is the only freeroll I’ve regularly played and never won. I’ve been playing since the Bodog days. Has anyone on here ever won it?

Think the best I ever did was 4th or 5th place.

3rd was my best

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