If depositing with credit card mite wanna read

If you made any deposit with your bank card on Friday, you might want to check your bank .I did 4 deposits and they took out 13 different charges on my card, it totaled out to 224 dollars …I know to some it isn’t a lot of money but for me it is. Now I have to jump through hoops to get it back,and for ignition it isn’t a big deal.check those banks .

Hi, I did check your account and all I’m seeing is 4 deposits and 2 failed deposits on the 17th.
If you weren’t advised to already, I would send a copy of your bank statement to financialservices@ignitioncasino.eu so they can check this out for you.

Shouldn’t use bank cards to deposit anyway. Match Pay is far easier, and Crypto allows more flexibility. Why risk your bank getting mad at foreign transactions from weird looking transaction processors.

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I offered last night to send proof that there are 13 transactions in my bank ,I only authorized 4 of them .I got told to email the same email you gave and got told not sure how long it will take .

It would typically take around 48 hours for them to check it and respond to you.