Ignition and Bovada same or different companies

So I’m aware that Bovada owns Slots and Cafe but not 100% certain about ignition.

Reason why I’m asking is bc I recently shut my account down with Bovada due to the recent changes to their slots and looking for a new place to lose my money.

I know they both use the same services but does that mean their rtp is the same? Meaning the patterns I noticed on Bovada will be no different here?

I assuming the answer is yes to all but just wanted to clarify before I explore other options.

Bovada and Ignition are different companies. Same Network, different companies.

In your opinion do think the result output from their games is the same?

I work in the application development and we have the capabilities to adjust things specific to the clients who uses our software for their customers.

Basically I just want to make sure the experience I encountered on Bovada isn’t the same here bc then there’s really no need me to waste money if that’s the case lol.

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Also thank you for answering my questions.

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I haven’t played anywhere near as much on Bovada as I have on Ignition. But the play I did on Bovada was for a very small sample size 1 to 1 comparison of a few games I play very often on Ignition for a very long time and am comfortable with their volatility. Didn’t show any meaningful deviation.

I assume that Ignition is like other digital casinos, and definitely have the ability to customize the user experience down to an account level at the very least. Ignition also has developed some of their slot games from in house teams. They also have purchased the source of a game developer and run their own version of the publishers games.

I’ve gone back and forth on the whole ‘rigged’, ‘RNG’, ‘legit’ debate. I would say that Ignition is as fair as any other non-regulated option available in the US (of comparable size and development). That being said, the rewards here leave a lot to be desired for. Depending on the bank roll you plan on playing with this may or may not concern you. If you plan on spending a large amount of money and have not committed to Ignition already, I would recommend double checking your research. There are options that are available to US players that offer better rewards.

All in all, Ignition is where I play. Not for any other reason than I’ve hit diamond tier rewards here and don’t feel like starting over somewhere else.

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My results have been the same on both sites. Poker Bovada-Slight win Ignition-Slight win. Slots Bovada- Astronomical loss Ignition- Loss


I myself had astronomical losses Bovada…

I’m fully aware the odds of winning on slots is piss poor compared to other games.

It boils down to experience…if I get the perception that’s it’s random and I get a belief that I might have a chance to hit (when I really won’t) then it keeps me chasing.

However when every game you play with multiple sessions and the patterns are so obvious it makes that experience no longer fun and you know you’re going to lose so in the end there’s really no point in playing.

Which was what I was experience with bovada.

Hopefully I won’t have the experience here as I ramp up on deposits.

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