Ignition, Are you paying attention?

Ok so I’ve been reading and I’m beginning to see a pattern with the MO of ignition! In the way we are disregarded or ignored upon our request… A lot of us have deposited crypto such as myself and have not received what we have coming. We are not asking for extra just what ignition says it will due upon us meeting our end of the bargain i have deposited 3 times to the site in crypto and i am still waiting for this illusive match bonus ignition advertises so proudly, (as if its a bonus in anyway, 35%percent play-though is hardly a worthy bonus to say the least but as if that’s not bad enough, not getting the bonus itself is criminal! that coupled with the horrible rtp% in action and applied not in theory… I’m not going to roll one million times to see if its legit… however i did use to get my bonus upon deposit, and not in 24-48 hours and i would hit a bonus here or there, now I am not getting my earned bonus, I’m not winning anything and i have not got any help with the matter and in fact i cannot find the chat now button anywhere on my dashboard or website! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH IGNITION LATELY ARE YOU GUYS EVEN MODERATING? ARE YOU GUYS EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO THE COMPLAINTS THAT ARE VERY PREVALENT AND COMMON ON YOUR SITE NOW A DAYS? WILL WE EVER SEE THE SITE WE SO HAPPYLY USED TO DEPOSIT AND LOOK FORWARD TO PLAYING IN? LONG GONE ARE THOSE DAYS IT SEEMS LIKE… DID THE CEO CHANGE OR WHO MADE THIS CHANGES? SIR OR MA’AM THEY SUCK AND UR SITE IS GETTING THEIR AS WELL

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Hi @Prime760 ,

I’m so sorry to hear about your experience and I do hope, it gets better.

As I see, you’ve already reached to CS Agent via Live Chat and your inquiry has been addressed, however, in case you have any other concern, kindly let us know and we’ll look into this.

Rest assured, we, as well as CS Agents, are trying our best to always assist you and your feedback is highly appreciated.