Ignition Crashes upon opening client

When the client opens it opens black screen for a few secs and then closes. Please fix. Was working fine last night. Other players are reporting the same issue on 2+2. Thanks

@Pots-For-Sale Is this only with the software or if attempting to play through a web-browser; the same issue occurs?

Is ignition down today, it was working fine last night but the app on the computer wont even open today, im sad cause I took the day off work to hit the tables lol hopefully it gets fixed soon

There is an issue with the client which is being looked into


Is there any updates on when the software will be working again, im sure you guys are working hard on it but i was just curious if we could get an estimated time

Seems like the issue at the moment has only with the downloaded client but we have no ETA right now on when it will be resolved. Mobile and web-browser versions can be used for now

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