Ignition Malfunction! Houston We Have a Problem!

Ignition has been my only online casino for 5 plus years! Ignition has been always like a second family to me. Always have been here for me in some rough times for me! After heavy concideration, I have decided to start looking elsewhere for my online gaming. I’m sick of being disrespected! Sick of not receiving no Loyalty! Ignition Casino does not care about their loyal customers! :broken_heart::broken_heart:


We never like to see posts like this @AllenWayne, can you please elaborate on why you feel this way? I can assure you we do not take your loyalty for granted. If you are upset with promotional offerings, please provide some feedback on what you would like to see moving forward. Without providing any specific details about your account in a public thread, I can say that your bonus percentage compared to net deposits is above industry standards, but we are open to feedback!

Well as you can see I’ve continued it to still be loyal and give you guys still a couple more opportunities, but now it seems like I am still wasting my time and money.

Ya know, I try not to complain or post rants because honestly, it never seems to have any effect. That being said, things have changed these last couple of years and not in a good way! I don’t know what or why but it has had a lasting effect making it less enjoyable every single day! I’m a “Platinum” player who has been utilizing this platform for more than 5 years and I receive fewer loyalty bonuses than ever and almost feel like my chances of winning have gone down since becoming a “Platinum” player. And since that is the top tier, the amount of incentives compared to other platforms has me playing less and less. Ignition used to be my go-to and I looked forward to playing. Now I find myself eager to find a better platform with better odds who actually award their loyal customers with something other than a sticker saying I’m “Platinum”! haha Whoopdy Doo! There’s my two-cents which is generally all my opinion is worth these days… #bummer #missthegoodoledays

Another example, you know how long I have been with ignition, five or six years. I’ve lost track of time, if you look at how many more miles I got to go till I get to the top tier diamond and I’ve been working towards diamond for I think a little over a year, its taking me that much time, and then what do I get when I finally do get to diamond level, hmmm, I wonder, oh, I know, I’ll get a big old, hey congratulations, like from one of the nice support agents. I think is wrong, if it takes that long to get to diamond top tier, and it’s the exact same benefits you see and get as titanium, well, what you think? Is it fair? I don’t know :pensive:

COMPS! I believe that is what AllenWayne and Megpie are talking about. In a real casino people who play a lot get much more than the average customer. I play at a local brick and mortar casino. I’m not a big spender but I do play the dollar slots pretty regular. My wife goes when I go but always plays the penny slots. When we get our monthly personal flyer from the casino my wife gets a $5 or $10 bonus play for the month and occasionally a coupon for $10 in the restaurants and maybe a free night in the hotel. I, on the other hand, regularly get $50 to $100 bonus play, a $50 credit for the restaurants, and two-three nights of free hotel accommodation. She kinda gets lovingly sideways with me at times when she compares my comps to hers. YEs, she understands it’s because I play higher stakes and provide more income to the casino than she does BUT it still torks her.

Folks getting seriously high with there lifetime miles probably feel that, because they contribute more to the organization they should get recognized. And the only ‘recognition’ that makes a difference online is monetary. “Hey, you’ve been such a loyal (read profitable) client to the casino - here is $25 (or $50 or $100) added to your bankroll with no strings or playthroughs: or here’s 50-75-100 free $1 spins on the slot of your choice with no playthroughs…”

It doesn’t take a lot to make people feel appreciated - but it has to be something tangible (and access to a weekly $2500 freeroll with more entrants than a dog has fleas don’t cut it.)

$100 bonus play and a $50 dollar restaurant voucher and three nights in a nice hotel definitely contribute to my returning to my local casino and it tells me they are paying (computerized paying) attention and are willing to put themselves out a little to keep me coming back. And it does.

Times are hard and are gonna get harder. Customer loyalty and retention needs to be a primary goal with any casino operation that is in it for the long haul. I don’t know what Ignition brings in in a week but I’m sure some reasonable and decent comps would go a long way in the retention department. It has to be looked at as a Marketing expense. Oh, and happy loyal customers are more likely to bring friends along for the ride. But y’all know that.

Kindest regards from the Great State of Texas


Open a thread and let customers tell you what they are looking for in this area. Sure you will get stupid and outrageous suggestions – but as my old mentor used to say,
"Take the best and leave the rest."