Ignition Not Paying Out Royal Flush Bonus

@Berferd, can I have the tournament and hand numbers?

Table #: 28701780
Hand #: 4414717250

Start: 2023-02-01, 21:31:45 (GMT -8)
End: 2023-02-01, 21:32:52 (GMT -8)


@Berferd I’ve added the bonus. Congratulations!

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I had one too. its been less than 48 hours. the first email i sent got kicked back so i sent an email from another email and havent heard anything


@Nobonus, bonus has been added. Congratulations!

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Can someone credit me the bonus for the hand below?

Table: Zone Poker - Texans - #1840
Hand #: 4427214655

I emailed support and got this form response that the agent didn’t even fill in (and contrary to the message, no tournament ticket was added to my account):

"We hope you are okay, Your INSERT HAND ID isn’t eligible for the Royal Flush Bonus due to the following:


We have a list of requirements for this bonus here.

We don’t want to leave you empty handed so we’ve issued an INSERT DATE AND TIME Tournament Ticket in your account. It will expire on INSERT EXPIRATION, and you may use this to join any Sit and Go or Scheduled Tournament with the same buy in. "

I then chatted with an agent who said that I would receive an update within 48 hours, however it has been longer than that and I still haven’t received the bonus or an update.


@RAHZero this has been added to your account. Congratulations!

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Ive never seen anything like this, a forum moderator just cleared 3 royal flush bonuses. I totally agree with whom ever said “this is not a good look for the company”.

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@RachelNyxCom we’re helping our members as much as we can. I don’t see what could be the problem here.

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Are you an employee of Ignition? Cause most forum moderator aren’t… But for people saying its taking days to get a response from Ignition and they have to come plea on the forum doesn’t seem right.

@RachelNyxCom we are employees, yes. We’re addressing inquiries/issues as fast as possible. I still don’t understand what is wrong in asking help on the forum.

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I don’t see what’s wrong with voicing my opinion either but I told my reasoning. I assumed moderators weren’t employees and you were doing a job which should have been taking care of by the employees of Ignition. Which I now know you’re…

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Hello. Can someone pay me royal bonus please.
Table #29194880
Hand #4448864401

Thank you

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@Nobonus this has been added now. Congratulations!

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Hello. Will a mod please pay royal bonus
table # 29520056
hand # 4468507676

please and thank you

@Nobonus the funds are added. Congratulations!

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Hand # 4545665699

Was denied with saying this condition wasn’t fulfilled:
Your hand must win the pot, but doesn’t have to go to showdown.

I won the hand at showdown. I emailed 2 screenshots showing this.

@thnksfrplyin I’ve added the bonus to your account, congratulations!

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Royal flash hand#4618154099

Table number#31941667

please,thank you!