Ignition Not Paying Out Royal Flush Bonus

I hit a royal flush with both hole cards and Ignition is refusing to pay out the bonus, stating that I do not qualify because my hand went to showdown.

The rules of the promotion state: “Your hand must win the pot, but doesn’t have to go to showdown”

The reasoning for not paying since the hand went to showdown is in contradiction to this rule. I have seen where other users have posted the same issue in the forums and had the bonus paid out afterwards, and I am hoping for the same.

Hand #: 4329064145
Table#: 27352207


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I’ll check on this for you

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This has been added for you now, congratulations and apologies for the confusion.

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Excellent, thank you for the prompt assistance

You’re welcome, have a great day!

Why does it take him going to the forum to get this taken care of? I read the chat logs he posted on another site and the CS agent is obviously pretending not to understand the promotion to not pay it out. Other people have experienced this with the promotion as well with the fake misunderstanding of the promotion. It is a horrible look for the company.


It’s become blatantly obvious as of late that they don’t care at all about the look, integrity, or customer appreciation at this casino.


This was actually a misunderstanding of the promotion unfortunately, and I did follow up with the agent.

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Congratulation! How much was the pay to you for the Royal Flush Bonus?

It is 50x the big blind up to $200.
The promotion can be seen here

Hello Davy, may I also please have help obtaining my $25 Royal Flush Bonus? Email support is also saying that I do not qualify because my hand went to showdown. But I am confident that my hand meets the bonus criteria.

Hand # 4334786596
Table 1807 - Zone Poker - Browns

Thank you!

This has now been added for you, apologies for the confusion.

Thank you so much, Davy! As promised, I received my bonus less than 30 minutes after asking for help in this thread. You guys rock!


Davy, Communications with chat reps are an ongoing problem with regards to promotions, bonus criteria, compensations for various issues, etc.

It is my assumption that Forum Mods are a senior position; or actually work for the company whereas the chat reps do not and are outsourced. (I could be wrong but chances are that I’m not far off,)

I’ve seen multiple posts where Mods state “I have followed up with the agent” implying that you have educated that rep on what the standard is for matters alike. With that said, reaching out to the specific rep directly per instance seems counter productive, perhaps these are indicators that additional training is necessary or a minimum a company ALL email or bulletin would be more effective.

In the last few months there have been an uptick in complaints that describe inconsistent responses among reps to players. If your position doesn’t have the authority to implement additional training, please advise the person who makes those decisions because it’s needed.


Hi @Cassieb04,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with one of our CS agents. We’re constantly trying to improve our services. Please provide details (preferably in private message not to expose any account related information) and I’ll check it for you.

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If this, in my opinion, rather straightforward description of the win conditions cannot be correctly interpreted by the CS agents, then it needs to be reworded so that it is idiot proof.

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Now I’m nervous. I just hit one tonight. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

@Berferd, did you submit it already? Please note that it needs to be submitted within 48 hours - Royal Flush Bonus.

@Nicolas I submitted it within one hour.

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So it has been almost 24 hours since I submitted and I haven’t even received an acknowledgment that it has been received. I’m not expecting that it be processed that quickly (although that would be nice). I am expecting some kind of feedback that acknowledges that it has been received. Most businesses that have a public facing customer service e-mail address at the very least generate an automated response so that you know your communication has not disappeared into the ether.