Ignition Perfect match Quiz!


Just advising our players on an awesome new Quiz our content team came up with that helps match players personalities with games onsite.

It will be constantly evolving so be sure to check back, but for now there are 7 questions that will provide a number of games players might like!

Check it out at https://perfect-match-quiz.ignitioncasino.net/


Here are my picks (we can’t play on-site obviously, but the quiz is pretty cool!) :

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Not far wrong that result!

Seems Caesar’s Victory is a popular one among the mods :sweat_smile:

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Typical of @Foster to have one with a young lady on :rofl:

Knowing myself, I’d definitely enjoy these games.

why i can do that

Just for the entertainment, or maybe you’re looking for a perfect game for yourself and didn’t find one yet.

I won the iphone 13 perfect match giveaway via instagram in early feb! Just got it a few days ago. I fricken love ignition man… yall are seriously the best!!! Thank you!!!


Congratulations on your win! It would’ve been nice to have a similar giveaway here on the forum


Got 2 out of 4. My top 2 not there. Maybe result of nit picking the options accurately to my liking.