Incorrect payouts on Gold Rush & Big Cash Win

I have several screenshots of maximum payline wins but the payout doesn’t match what’s stated. Say for instance Big Cash Win it states 2000 is the maximum win with 2 coins bet and i have 2 wins with both wins only paying out 1000 x bet.

Now one would assume all payouts stated are times or multiplied by coin(s) bet not the denomination of the wager. Well Gold Rush’s jackpot payout of 400 with 3 coins bet actually pays out the 400 times the denomination and not 400 times amount wagered. I’ve just discovered this anomaly having played these games for a few years now. Luckily, all pun intended, I have several screenshots over the years to prove this. I’m not trying to attack Ignition at all because the reason I’ve played here for years is quick payouts and overall one of the best upstanding sites out here. Believe me, I like to gamble and have tried alot with 90% coming up short in the integrity category.

This is being reviewed.

The win amount is correct, as you were not betting the entire coin value. The calculation you showed is calculations using the total coin value which is not the case in your gameplay. We understand your frustration and hope the answer cleared this out for you.

Please explain how I am not betting the entire coin value? In all of the screenshots shown the maximum coins were in play at the time of the win. Big Cash Win is a 2 coin maximum wager whether it be a penny or a dime. Those wins were while wagering 2 cents and twenty cents.
Gold Rush is a 3 coin maximum game no matter what denomination selected. Penny, nickel, dime, quarter etc.
Now as I stated earlier I wasn’t attacking Ignition by pointing out these errors. But now you got me feeling a certain type of way since after your ‘review’ you decide to try and tell me I’m mistaken? It’s all there in every screenshot. Your rules, my play and my amount won. So please do explain to me EXACTLY how I am mistaken Kareem. And after you see you’re mistake by 1) not knowing your job or 2) not doing your job I do expect an apology.
Thank you

Payouts are correct. You need to look at the bet amount, not the total wager amount.

For example:

A 20 cent wager on Big cash is 2 coins at 10 cents. So its 0.10 x the paytable win

A 3 cent wager on Gold Rush is 3 coins at 1 cent. So it’s 0.01 x the paytable win