Intermittent Issues

Hi everyone,

We’re currently having some issues on the Website.

Our Technical Team are working to get the issue resolved, as soon as possible.

Once we’ll have an update, we’ll post here.

Let me use my card

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Hi @Ben_123,

A review on your account shows that your account is making part of the Bitcoin Exclusive Program, thus, you may only use Bitcoin to deposit/withdraw.

So it’s working now?

As for now, we’re still having some issues.

Once the issue is solved, we’ll post here.

Ok. THX!!!

Hello everyone,

The issues we were having on the Website have been solved.

We’re still having some issues with Bitcoin Transactions and once that is solved, we’ll let you know.

whats been solved exactly? no apparently difference on this end…

There were some options which were not showing on the Website.

All options are now available.

This really sucks … I’m losing my Btc value because of this , down 9 dollars now. Yes that’s not much but I shouldn’t have to lose anything . And if I sell it then I have to pay the selling fee on top of the fee I’ve already paid to purchase plus the value decrease . This sucks!!!

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Hi @50470124,

I will send you a PM shortly.

Did she give you an ETA?

EDIT: Never mind it worked now :smiley: @moderators

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Should be sorted now. Is anyone still unable to deposit?