Is it just me or

Venting some steam here. Please, bare with me. So, i akways try to play with the mindset that, win OR lose, at least im getting some entertainment value back, right? And it used to be like that. On an average losing night, I could sit down with a couple hundred dollars or forty dollars or whatever, and if i kept my wagers relatively small cpuld play for an hour or two, or even longer. Riding the roller coaster up and down, not high enough to withdraw but just to keep playing, then back down, back up, back down untill the inevitable house edge catches up and squeezes that last dollar out. But at least it took a while. There were a couple decent wins in there, (usually after you just lost a whole bunch) just enough to get that little squirt of adrenaline flowing, and for a short while at least there was an illusion of hope that said “Yes! I might bounce back out of the hole ive dug .” But of course that time you didnt. And you can look back and say, Well i lost a couple hundred bucks, but i spent four hours and had a little fun so it wasnt a total loss. And anyway you cant win them all…

So thats what playing here USED to be like.

Lately, id say in the past 4-5 months. Ive deposited probably 40 or 50 times and on nearly each occasion its been gone in a puff of smoke. Tonight for example, playing just $0.20 and $0.40 a spin my money was all gone in like 10 mins. Wheres the fun in that? Wheres the entertainment value in no winner 16 times in a row then “win” a nickel theb twelve more losers then another nickel then twenty-seven more losers and then $0.35 and eight losers and another nickel and then fourteen losers and youre down to like $5 left and maybe finally hit a bonus wheel and its 7x so $1.40 because you just dropped your bet down to 20cents then a couple more nickels and its all gone. My last 30 or more depisits of been exactly that way. Id be way better off giving my money to a friend and having them kick me in the… groin area as hard as they can. Am i just on a horrible dry spell? Did i anger a support rep and they cranked down the RTP dial on me? Did they jyst crank the RTP dial down for everybody because the crypto market’s tanked? I dont know. But it gets to point of insanity where we keep doing the same thing over and over and over, expecting things to change but they dont and it gets to the point where sometimes people snap. I mean everybody has their limits right. Of course you could argue that i should just stop playing and perhaos i will. Not stop gambling or anything crazy like that, just stop playing at ignition casino. But ive got 3.32 million ignition miles! And i just KNOW that DIAMOND VIP invite is coming ANY day now! Then all my worries will be over, i hear they hand feed you grapes and fan you with palm leaves, full body massages and mai-tai’s. So i guess ill just keep plugging away. I just wish it was even just a little bit fun, you know, losing all my money in 5 minutes, but its all going towards a good cause. Should be any day now. I can feel it.


Time to start buying some scratchers lol

I haven’t deposited in quite some time, but have withdrawn a bit. If i don’t get the win in 20 spins (and I start low, probably around .40 to .50 cents), then I switch games. i try to stick to low volatility games (slots, not a big jackpot, more options for triggers, low volatility are known for not big wins.)

If I reach a 20x or bigger win, I cash out. No more play. And not for a few days. I have had 3 winning sessions to one losing one. My last session, won 84+ on a bonus that retriggered (don’t remember the game), .40 cent bet. That is 200x. I took the money and ran.

Since you keep your bets small, then try restricting to 20 spins (25 at the most, and count, no auto spin). If you get a big win that puts you over before the 20 spin mark, cash out. Otherwise, if lose one session, start the same process with another game. if you are going to bet .40, stay at that, if you are going to bet .20, stay at that. Do not play more than 4 or 5 losing sessions in a nigh. Always cash out when ahead (don’t go for the jackpot ice cream, it will be there another day).

I watch you tube videos with smart gamblers, but mostly “we gamble”, and they toss their winnings back in the machine. What you see here is not restricted to online play, tons of slot channels on you tube where you can watch them lose (funny how twenty tuesday changed from semi minimum bets to 2.50 spins, quick way to lose unless you get lucky).

I know exactly how you feel. I have been waiting on the Diamond Tier invite as well…I Play high on the slots and it’s very hard to get anything playing above $1 it seems. I can play $200 on $10 spins and get absolutely nothing. Good grief :pensive:

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@Doescher13 No, it’s not just you. It seems like one needs to hit a jackpot to get ahead here.

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I’ve noticed the same pattern. It’s been frustrating to feel like the algorithm has determined you win or lose well before you even play. That isnt gambling its taking money. I’ve had the exact examples you have, and I’ve noticed during those times the way you play can impact. I’ve seen auto spin drain the account, I stop for one manual spin same amount and hit something decent to keep me going. This is not a one off instance. It’s pretty regular when the account is locked tight, and usually after you withdrawal any amount.

I agree it’s frustrating when you don’t feeling like its gambling. I’m from Nevada and this site is not the same in practice. And it’s understandably so, but when you can witness the pattern it does make you ask yourself do I want to keep “gambling” here.

Keep your chin up, maybe they’ll review the win % or algorithm someday and you’ll post under the big winner forum instead.


I’ve spent 1k in the past two weeks and if these slots could talk they’d be screaming **** you in my face. I’m not even able to just play the machine for a while. It literally takes everything and will give me maybe a $20 hit once I’m down to my last few bucks. It’s driving me insane. And I’m not even upset about the financial aspect of it, more so the fact that I can’t play after 10 minutes because I didn’t get a single hit. I’m in it for the entertainment, although I’m not mad when I get a big hit.
I chalked it up to me pissing someone off and them making a voodoo doll out of me. Because with this amount of crap luck I have to make up a better excuse then an algorithm. (Just to attempt to make myself feel better)

*Edit forgot to add
I’ve done $5 bets down to .15 cent bets. Doesn’t matter what game I play or what size bet.


It can certainly feel like that but it’s not. You can have an expectation of how a deposit is going to turn out and anything not meeting that expectation can feel like a failure. I’m a small stakes depositor, small stakes player for the most part and I’ve had deposits where I’ve put in $50, pick a slot, min bet at 0.20, lose the $50 and look in transaction history to see I only had about $3 in winnings and was on the end of brutal variance. I’ve also deposited small, min bet at $0.20, first spin bonus, monster bonus paying over 800x.


Oof I know that feeling, I deposited a little over $900 yesterday morning and didn’t get a decent hit & the $900 were gone in about 2-3 hours

However in the afternoon I used my reward points to buy a $7 Jackpot SitnGo ticket & won the $35 jackpot then went back to reels and wheels xl and set the bet at $1 & set autospin to infinite spins & still didn’t get any wins until I was down to $8 and hit this :arrow_down:

I’ve gotten bigger wins before but I just found it funny how I burned through $900 trying to get a decent hit and ended up getting a good one without using any money :man_shrugging:


Same thing happened to me today! I was able to get a couple bucks to play with and then ended up hitting on surprising 7s and then hit again on caesars empire. went from $7 to $350


Small deposits be hitting sometimes haha about two weeks ago I got a $150 bonus over on & I was betting $5 a spin and was hitting the bonus wheel & free spins like crazy by the end of the night I had around $5,000 & withdrew it, now they don’t give me bonuses anymore :joy:

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Off of free spins?

You’re welcome lol


Yea if by others you mean “let’s take every single losing hand/spin/bet and dump it onto a single person, oh hey! That girl right there”. Yeaaaa. You can have your bad luck back I dont want it

not free spins just a cash bonus, haven’t been able to get any wins ever since tho :thinking:

oof looks like my account haha

the same goes for me about the good luck runs being on smaller deposits