Jackpot Sit & go issue

Playing in jackpot sit n go’s I won the first one I entered clicked to play in another one it went to load the table and then it logged me out I logged back in and it logged me out.!! Like 5 or 6 times to late to get to the table already ended went talk to live chat about it they told me sorry for the bad news but no we’re not giving you a comp or refund for another one I asked for him to escalate my issue and he replied no I didn’t need to talk to his supervisor he made his decision and that was final I asked him again to escalate my issue and once again his decision was final and he cut the chat off.

Watch out apparently you can not appeal there decision anymore.

i had same issue 2 in a row got kicked off of one $7 playing for 35 had 700 of chips i could see cards moving but could do nothing they said i disconnected

Unfortunately that’s the way it is here now. I used my $11 ticket the other day on a sng. I was able to play the first hand and then couldn’t reconnect until after the tourney was over and of course no refund. Same thing excuse every time. “Sorry we don’t see any connection issues on our end, it must be your connection”.

But yet so many people experience the same thing and they’ll still tell me it must be my wifi or device. I’ve given up playing poker here because of too many issues. Literally have NEVER had an issue on the other two sites i play poker on. I just stick to casino here now because of constant issues with poker.