Jackpot sit n go can't see cards then disconnected until blinded out

Well this is unfortunate…

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I cleared cache and cookies before anyone even says it

Mine was doing that today too. I was in a $100 jackpot sit n go. I was told they couldn’t see a disconnect, so no ticket refund. I mean how can I play if I can’t see the cards. Lol. I had to “X” out and try another computer and restart the browser. I tried another computer, then my cell phone, then back to my laptop and it still didn’t work. I was ahead when it began to mess-up too (600 to 300). It started to work again after the sit n go was over :frowning:

@itwillbebrief it happens all the time here. I’ve never had issues like this on the other sites i frequent. I have found if i play on my phone through the browser and it starts lagging or i get disconnected or after the game when i get the disconnected from server message that is usually followed by the neverending login loop if I switch my wifi off and use my mobile data and refresh the page i don’t have to go through the hoops, cache/cookies/ prayers/ salt over your shoulder while hopping on one foot with your fingers crossed, if it happens again i just turn wifi back on and good as new.

I still have yet to hear from a @moderators but the connection issues or disconnected from server error message is always our issue, never on their end. You would think some better software would be on the list of properties but why would they when we’re the ones with the issues!

I was able to find few disconnections on one of the tournaments. However, I’m afraid it was only your account who was affected with it. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to issue any compensation.

@Nicolas always the same old song and dance. I think we all knew you’d say that! I’m sure it looks as if I’m the only one with connection issues and that could have something to do with me switching between mobile data and wifi trying to get the laggy poker software to actually work. Again no issues ever on the other sites i play. And just fyi i did get my ticket back.