Jackpot SNGs now have 300 in starting chips?!?!

You guys literally cut 40% from the starting stack, keep the same blinds with no notice? Starting stacks were at 500 yesterday.


Yes I believe they did change to 300. It says on the tournament info.

Real question, why?

I have no idea, I wasn’t aware until you commented. It’s probably down to feedback, but I couldn’t be sure on that, unless they just wanted to speed it up a little maybe.

Happened overnight, nobody clicks the info tab before starting a game that’s been around for years now that hasn’t changed.

Absolutely unplayable now with only 22.5 TOTAL BBs in play after 3 minutes.



I clicked on them to check and they are all the same now at 300

Guess I have to find a new format. Sigh.


Just as an add on to this, please note that this is actually a temporary change in line with our 12 days of turbo’s event. It will change back to 500 on December 15th.

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Makes no sense.

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Yeah, the 300 chips start is kind of dumb. Already a shove fest on first hand. Traffic on that should slow down because of this change.


yeah im gonna have to play a different game mode now lol it went from being a skill game to just all in every hand now, i mean by the second level starting stack is 9 big blinds lol might as well go play a casino game, takes the skill right out in my opinion.


lol. I think you underestimate how much gamble people have in them. This format doesn’t appeal to me, but…I mean, there’s a whole forum on slot machines, so…


Another terrible decision on the part of the ignition management team. I would love to be able to speak to the people in charge of making these absolute ridiculous changes and decisions. They must never have played a casino or poker game in their life!

At least its only a temporary change im just gonna play cash games until the 15th.

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I actually love it and hope it stays.

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:top: Of course slot players like this, change it back please. Even though I’m running better since the change, it’s not poker, it’s baccarat.


I didn’t like it at first, but the 300 starting chips have grown on me. I Wish it would stay!

I have been on a good run since the change to the 300 chips, I think when they change it back they should keep this as a option. Good for those who play hyper turbos, it could be like a hyper turbo jackpot sng option.

Why are these back again!?!?

The starting chip stack was brought back as a permanent change