July 2023 MLB All-Star Super HR Event

I spoke to an agent on chat, but I didn’t understand them well. I won a ticket to the July 2023 MLB All-Star Super HR Event $470+30. I don’t think it is working. The agent told me the ticket can only be used on Jul 14 because it’s a special tournament that day, but it expires July 13. That’s where I was confused. The tournament is not announced yet and the ticket expires before the tournament starts? Would someone look into that or me.

I spoke to another agent again and he confirmed that the ticket is showing an expiration date of July 13, but the tourney the ticket can be used for is only scheduled for July 14. He said I should have no problem registering, but why does the ticket (first ticket in image below) expire before the tournament?

I checked just now and it shows that the expiration date is July 14th. It got fixed I guess. Would you check from you end as well?

It still shows expiration July 13. I am able to login on my phone now and took the screenshot below. As long as it’s documented, I don’t care much. It’s documented in the forum and in the agent chat. The July 14th tourney is not announced yet for me to register, and my ticket shows expiration July 13, so when I get ready to register, if I have problems someone can see easily see all this documentation.

We’ll try to get more clarification on this for you.

@itwillbebrief getting back to you with an update. We checked this ticket with the poker team and they fixed the dates. Please let me know if you need further help.

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This was why I was concerned. See screenshots below. The ticket still shows expiration date of July 13 and the other screen shot now shows a tournament on July 10 it should be used for. When I contacted support yesterday, I said the ticket was for a tournament on July 3 (the one I wanted to play in) or July 10 and is not working. I was told it is for a tournament on July 14. If I didn’t check again until July 14, I would have lost this ticket, and everyone would have been confused when I asked why it is expired. I understand it’s likely not your fault, but gosh that’s a lot of confusion.

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