Just curious why I cant get the same ticket refunded

I wasnt able to take a seat at a tourny I had a any $2 ticket for. I contacted support and he said he had to issue me a $2 jackpot sitngo ticket instead on an any $2 . Just curious why? I would have rather had the same ticket i purchased. what if it had been a any $5 ticket? what happens then?

I think the minimum “any” ticket is $5.00 + $0.25
I don’t believe there is a single $2 ticket that isn’t a sng.

This is not the case as I was trying to get refunded a any $2.20 ticket i purchased and was not able to take a seat in the tournement until well over half my chips was gone and at that time I could not get through to anyone on the chat . He said he could issue me a ticket but it has to be a $2 jackpot sitngo ticket (less ignition miles) . This has happened before with bigger tickets …once I was trying to get refunded for a $10 any ticket but was only able to get a $7 jackpot sitngo ticket. The actual mimnimum any ticket is for $1.10. Is this the policy or is it just up to the discretion of the promotions team like everything else?

As I said before, there is no any $2.20 ticket we can add.
The minimum is $5 + $0.25

I mean ill take what i can get because ive been straight up denied refunds for tournements i didnt get to play a single hand. But really? Getting haggled down over a 0.20 cent difference when ive lost so many thousands on here it would make me sick to my stomach to add up and i had probably lost over 1500x that that the same week. Not being able to issue the same tickets just kind of sounds “made up” if you ask me.

Tickets are already made, there are no $2 + $0.20 ticket.
In this case I would typically add it as a poker bonus, but CS apparently added a sng instead