Just joined a full Bot table

I have attached an image documenting the table. The tournament name and table number are at the top of the image along the white bar.

i randomly got moved to this table after previously being at a normal one.

They all joined the tournament the tournament at the last possible second (clearly), and will use every single second of their timebanks. At the 1 second mark, they will either go all in (if they have a high pocket pair) or just fold. Every single time one of the bots has gone all in, they have either had pocket Aces or Jacks, without fail (assuming 10s and higher is the threshold.)

Every single “player” (beside myself) stuck to this routine.

Just to be clear, I am not making this post to disparage Ignition Casino in any way, It is just something that needs to be taken care of. It is not fair to the real players and not fair to the casino. Instances like this will drive the player pool away without question.

Last thing, most of their player numbers are in ascending numerical order, further proving my claim.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll pass this on to poker team for investigation. In case any evidence of foul play found you’ll be contacted.

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This have nothing to do with bots. Ignition just allows all the late registration to be on the same table a lot of the time, it has been discussed before and still hoping to be fixed. A lot of us degens bust and re-enter no matter how shortstacked we are especially at a small buyin like this tourney.
Some tourneys they end registration way too late (here with less than 4 big blinds), making it so close to the money so a lot of people stall til hand for hand is reached.

I can assure you, they were non human; multiaccounts at the minimum. Not to mention I made it far enough to watch the majority of them continue the same behavior regardless of being in the money, They didnt play any hands and just blineded out having played 0 hands.

I understand late registration and the concept of it. This was different.