Keno abnormalities

I’m not going to say much of anything here I’m just going to show a picture and ask what any of you that play keno think of this … I never was compensated , instead I was blamed for not clearing my cache enough … ( “TOTAL WIN!!! $0.02! “) lol yeah huge win! :joy:

They say clear your cache I say why ? Y’all do such a great job clearing it for me lol :joy: :drum:

Hi @Thomper114,

What issue were you having? We suggest that you clear the cache and cookies when a round is not completed or when a round is stuck.

If you would like us to check the session in question, please send us a PM and provide more info such as; the time and date you were having this issue, the risk amount you were betting at the time and the closing balance you had. You may find this info from your Transactions.

Yeah yeah I know it’s my fault you guys always blame me it’s a cash problem not a cache problem , you guys cleared my cash for me now you tell me it’s because of my cache , it’s bullshit , if it shows me winning , it’s not stuck it hits my numbers and pays me way less than what is advertised , it’s your faulty software maybe , I’ve changed browsers cleared cache , used two different devices , but you want to tell me it’s my fault you guys are something else … all the money you take in and you have to keep me from getting my wins of probably less than 100 dollars total now …

That’s. $40 right there in the pics I thought I hit . But got like a whopping 14 cents for it … that’s just those pics it’s happened more times than this

It seems that just the bubble that is displaying for you is incorrect but during the actual drawing of numbers; you should see that 10, 11, etc hits were never reached.

Has anyone else experienced these display issues with Keno?

No it hits all of them the sound the ball everything hits … and it tells me I hit 11 and Total win !! But I get a couple Pennie’s

So is this not 9/15? I think I count right

Y’all should just pay me my measly 50-60 bucks and pull the game to fix the bugs or get a new keno game and thank me that I found this for you because it could have been something a lot bigger and someone would be quite upset if it was 15/15 … you guys bring so much in per second and you are trippin off of chump change , I made two deposits equaling that over night and gave it all away already … y’all can spare it

It’s not just my cache , get me on your computer it will happen anywhere

Can you provide the device and model you use when playing?

Bro it’s the game it’s not my device , how much you want to bet it will happen any damn device you put me on … I will wager a thousand that it will happen on your computer too

I don’t even have a thousand that’s how confident I am

Apple I pad pro 2021 model 11 inch screen , and I phone 11 I believe or 12 can’t remember

Or 2020 iPad I think

The device and details is so we can forward to our support team to investigate. We’ve sent them the details to have a look

It’s the game bro I’m telling you , you think I’m dumb , I know it’s not on my end

It’s happened numerous times to me and I’ve always reported it to you guys and they always tell me I’m wrong also. Here’s a few screenshots from the last couple of times. The one with the yellow background was to one I was most upset about because that was a $5 bet

@jpearls Is there any date/time you have for any of the above screenshots so we can match up on our end and provide to our support team

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Yeah I can but I’m pretty sure They already did investigation and came back and told me that the payout was correct. This whole ordeal is kind of something I don’t even wanna go back down that road because after waiting Days sometimes weeks thinking that i had a payout coming it never came and either I wasn’t responded to or they would just come back and tell me sorry the payouts correct and there’s a problem with the game nothing I can do