Last weeks freeroll glitch

So after the glitch and the Hours that I spent play in that messed up tournament last week and then it just stopped All you guys did was give more free roll tickets you can only enter one time per free roll so you gave me tickets that are gonna expire and I’m never gonna be able to use what kind Of compensation is that I don’t understand I can’t re enter a free roll even with another ticket A ticket for each one that I get every week anyway so to give me extra ones because your tournament screwed up what sense does that makes at all none I need a moderator to hit me up please

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Hi, unfortunately this is what was decided by management. There is nothing more we can add for you regarding this.

Hold up why are you removing my topic from the for no I’m sitting here saying that this doesn’t make any sense to make up for Messed up tournament you gave me tickets that I sense does that make explain that to me in a way that I understand not just that’s the management’s decision and why are you making it a private topic and taken it off the forum that’s what this form is supposed to be for

You asked to speak to a moderator so i have messaged you.
I can put your post public if you prefer, but my answer will remain the same unfortunately.

And if that’s the case Who do I need to talk to or what do I need to do to let somebody other than a moderator of the forum know what’s going on here and how messed up that is I was on that tournament for over 6 hours and it just ended And the only compensation is a ticket that I can’t even use

Yes absolutely I would like this to be public because I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way and I’d also like you to answer the question who do I need to go Or where or how do I get in touch with somebody that is above you to discuss this management as you call Them

I am a supervisor, you can also speak to a Customer Services agent if you wish to.

You cannot speak to a manager, a supervisor would be your highest point of contact.

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this site And over 3 years plus I’ve it won small jackpot for less than 6 grand It seems like I always get screwed over when I’m playing in a poker tournament You fixed the problem by doing nothing basically it’s like smoking mirrors you gave me a ticket that I already get anyway and I can’t re enter the tournament twice so what is the point of giving about a ticket to enter a different tournament

Manager supervisor whatever somebody higher than you is who I would like to contact me somebody that has more power than the moderator of the forum because this is ridiculous I’m a platinum member on this site

You can speak to a CS supervisor should you wish to, but I’m afraid the resolution is likely going to be the same.

Are you not Catching my point somebody higher than you somebody that is above you customer service whatever and why can’t I speak to a manager what do I have to email somebody because I’m gonna do that too this is crazy

I am the same as a CS supervisor, and we are the highest point of contact unfortunately

And if you’re A supervisor then why don’t you explain to me the Logic of that solutiono You’re giving a ticket to a tournament that I can’t use And that’s after me spending 6 hours playing a tournament that just stopped and some bullshit apology message came up

You know when I started playing on this site a few years ago This form was great The site was awesome the payouts were good somebody’s getting greedy something’s going on It’s turn it into a joke

I’m not entirely sure why they issued 2 tickets when only 1 can be used, but that is what they did.

Even one ticket doesn’t make sense we get them every week and you can only use 1 I get a free ticket for every free roll so 2 3 4 10 20 it doesn’t mathey can’t be used it’s smoking mirrors it’s not a solution to the problem Can I enter a free roll twice no so what is the pointhey’re just gonna expire