Live dealer free xhip

I just rrcivedthisin my email today and when i tried to bet with it it disappeared. Can anyone tell me y?

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Need help with the 50 dollar live dealer bonus it disappears when I make bet

Handled by CS

Casino support? Cuz i yried that and i rhink the person was BSing me they told me to open live dealer and talk to pit boss

Yes, casino support should be able to help with this. ask to speak to the pitboss as advised.

Go through live chat like normal?

No, actually on the game itself, through live dealer.

I think they meant to actually sit down at the live dealer table and to ask for the pit boss on that screen. That’s how I read it

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So ask for the pitvoss in the chat?

That is correct.

Tried that they said talk to the casino….

They done me the same way. My dealer misdealt and caused me to lose a lot of money. I talked to customer support, they told me to talk to a PITBOSS. Tried that they told me to talk to support and blocked me from chat. It’s ridiculous. NO ACTUAL SUPPORT OR FAIRNESS AT ALL. It clearly states in the rules that if there’s a misdeal then hand should be voided and$ returned

Can a moderator or ANYONE please tell me what i need to do about the dealer in blackjack misdealing and hand not being voided nor money returned? I’ve spoken to support and pitboss and getting the run around.

You will need to speak to the pitboss.

I tried speaking to the pitboss and they never would answer and got banned from chat for 30 min. So that definitely doesn’t work

Can you please help me with my situation

We’re going to need specific details in order to even review this, such as the hand number, or if not having that on hand then the specific time and date it happened, as well as bet amount and the issue itself. In what sense did they misdeal? There are rules on the live dealer table in regards to this so some misdeals would be covered by the rules and dealt with in specific ways.

I truly apologize for your issues, I really understand your frustration. Can someone tell me, why they still making deposit bc I’ll like to know what benefits or bonus, mine are gone unless I give them more money. Can U believe they still tell me to refer a friend, I like my 2 friends, never hurt them. Has anything gotten better? Does anyone know if customer service cleared there cache this passed week, i surely hope they can login. They are some wonderful people, always asking bout my day?