Ltc confirmations

I’m curious as to why when I deposit using LTC that it will show up in my account when it has 1 confirmation on the blockchain but then other times it wont show up until it has all 6 confirmations? Now I’m sure you would say that it has to do with network congestion, right? Well there is rarely, if ever, congestion on the ltc blockchain. I am currently waiting for all 6 to happen but while waiting i checked out the ltc mempool and there isnt hardly any transactions at all on there. So the excuse of “busy networks” doesnt apply to this situation. I am genuinely curious as to why one goes thru almost instantly and then my next deposit takes 10-20 minutes to post. Who decides if the network is busy? Surely it isnt automated, cause if it is then that bot doesnt know what “congestion” means. Here is a screen shot from the mempool when i still needed 3 more confirmations. There arent any blocks behind the 1 you see. Only 4mb of 300mb worth of memory was being used at that time. But still your system flagged it as “busy”…why? Just for comparison i also attached the BTC mempool and as you can see its loaded… callin that “busy” would be quite the understatement!

Transfers should be in your account with a maximum of 6 confirmations.

Yes, I’m well aware of that, my question is why is it 6 sometimes and then other times its only 1 that is needed?

I have no idea, I guess that’s a network thing.