MASSIVE Win of $17,288 on $2 bet (864,400%) NON-JACKPOT!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share my story!
Here are the details:

• What are your initials?

  • My initials are B.B.

• How long have you been with us?

  • I’ve been with IgnitionCasino for a VERY long time (easily at least 10+ years)!

• What was your winning game and amount?

  • My winning game was “Golden Buffalo”, and the amount I won on this specific Bonus-Spin was exactly $17,288… However the Total Amount I won from the entire Bonus was $17,322.50.

• Was this your first big win online?

  • Yes, this was my first “BIG” win online!

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

  • The “Big Win” happened a couple months ago, and I spoiled myself with the winnings by paying-off my traffic tickets, reinstating my driver’s license, and buying myself a Car!

I’m a long-time player here at Ignition Casino.
I play Poker, as well as the Slots, nearly every day.
I’ve definitely had some very nice Wins playing Slots on Ignition Casino over the many years I’ve been playing here, but this particular Win topped them all… This was my first actual “BIG Win”… It happened a couple months ago, while I was playing “Golden Buffalo” during the middle of the night… I was tired, and half-awake… At the time, I was casually playing at only $2/Spin, when I managed to hit a Bonus… A handful of spins went by without much going on, and then, on spin 5/8, it happened - the unthinkable… I literally had to sit up, rub my eyes, blink a few times, and look closer at the screen to make sure I was seeing things correctly; I had hit over $17,000+ on one single $2 bonus-spin… In shock, I gazed upon the screen as the remainder of the bonus-spins played themselves out. My jaw hanging wide open, my shock suddenly turned into excitement as I began to yell across the room at my sleeping girlfriend: “Babe! Wake up!! Babe!! WAKE UP!! I just won 17 grand!!”… Naturally, she calmly replied “Mmmk, I’m sleeping”, as if not to believe me. I proceeded to play a bit more, before finally calling it a night. Waking up the next morning, I felt invincible… I knew things were finally going to start coming together in my life. Over the following couple months, I paid off all of my traffic tickets, got my driver’s license reinstated, and just recently bought myself a car - all thanks to my first BIG win, here at Ignition Casino…

Thanks Ignition Casino!
Good luck everybody!


That is awesome. So happy for you. So glad you used it for good. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:




Fantasmagorical. Cheers!