Match pay- super annoying

Ok! Its need be fix some how. Lataly its became very hard sell small sum on matchpay. People will press for trade and then I get this

Life saver if you send me $20 on casino. LOL

They will start trade and then just ask for money. And people waist time. Take me almost hour to actually find normal trader. We need way to report this people .

You are able to report these people. You an advise in the chat with help and report them or go to and email them or chat with an agent and ask them to review. Players are routinely removed from the platform if they do this.

I had one scammer respond to my offer of $50, but then in the comments he only wanted to give me $20, yet still get credit for paying the full $50. Pretty bold! I asked him if that move ever worked for him, and he said he was hoping I’d just “give” him an extra $30, out of a sense of generosity, I guess.

Damn! I didn’t read closely enough - THAT’S the guy! I submitted a screenshot of your encounter to MatchPay along with a screenshot of my own experience with “slimreaper”. Didn’t get any resolution, but customer service did thank me for the submission.

As for MatchPay being super annoying - YES! I offered up $1K, then had to deal with DOZENS of nickel and dime offers pouring in which I couldn’t respond to fast enough to decline. Then I was reported for all these “disputes” and my account was temporarily locked. Their definition of “temporary” actually meant INDEFINITELY! During the next week I sent email after email - two per day - to their customer service, at both “inquiries@matchpay” and “support@matchpay”, asking for an explanation, or assistance, or SOMETHING to restore my trading ability. As of today I STILL have not received a single response to any of my emails. Oh, and the chat function on their site didn’t work either. It was thanks to customer service at Ignition that I got a good chat link, and Iza at MatchPay finally unlocked my account. MatchPay 0, Ignition 10. MatchPay does not bring joy; would not recommend. But sometimes crypto takes a long time - transfer funds, get credit at the exchange, purchase, wait for confirmation, etc, - so… what can you do?

What a flipping retard… Saw a post on Twitter where some female was bitching because a freind had been asked to loan this guy 20K and he would pay her back tomorrow. Well, she did and he paid her back within twelve hours. This stupid beotch got pissed that the guy didn’t give her friend more than the payback — regardless that there was no mention of any vig. (For fun I figured it up at 23% for one year and that would come up to him owing her $3.15 for 12 hours use of the money - but thats neither here no there.)