MATCH PAY what you think

Is being a while but just got an email telling me about match pay! anyone using it? we have the marketplace but this sounds like a better features just want to hear options.

Here’s the video and instructions:

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why does it say paypal. they say dont use paypal?

Glad you ask is new want to share what I got lets try it dont know how it works Im just crypto account but Im open to new options.

I like using MatchPay for deposits and withdrawals. You aren’t paying any fees, unless you send $ with a card linked to your PayPal account if you have zero balance, but they are minimal. Just pay attention, don’t confirm you have received payment until you are positive it has been deposited, is reflected in your new balance, and is NOT an eCheck. They can take over a week to clear if it does at all, and if not paying attention won’t notice the difference until too late, and don’t pay using a bank linked with your PayPal or it becomes an eCheck. Sometimes it takes a minute to find a match and for the person to respond but still much faster and cheaper than the rest. Hope it helps. Good luck

Wao glad I share this post you gave some additional info not on the video. Thanks for the confirmation tip I do that on most P2P transactions. I still don’t understand the ECHECK and how do I know is an ECHECK? but reading about linking a bank gives me some idea. Im busy on some crypto projects and only deposit using crypto when I have time to play. Will do a test transaction when I have time thanks for all those experience tips you shared.

Sorry I’m a bit late on the reply. So really the only way I know someone paid with an e-cheque is by looking at the transaction details. It should give you a pretty good idea if it’s an e-cheque because you can’t use the funds until after their bank clears the payment. The sender of the payment is the only person capable of cancelling an e-cheque transaction so make sure they cancel or you will have to send the money back if it clears after a few days. You are in control until you confirm so absolutely do not confirm until you check your account, and if anything seems off, contact support immediately and let them know and don’t let the other person strong arm you into confirming the transaction until you feel it’s ok to do so.

Wao it did take long and thanks for confirming I will keep it safe haven’t being active here got others here in USA but still love ignition just miss the good machines and now on the birthday the gift is $25 not even the $100 they gave us.