Matchpay does anybody know if they're still doing it or do they go away with it please let me know ASAP

Does anybody know what happened to match pay for venmo are they still doing it or did they take it away please somebody let me know

Welcome to the Forum. Matchpay was unavailable for a time this morning, but seems to be back. We see you’ve since used itas well.

It’s not available on my withdraw options at the moment.

You can only make 2 withdrawal via Matchpay each day.

Really? I never ran into that before. So now I have to wait for crypto to be approved?

The Matchpay limit has always been in place

your crypto withdrawal was also approved already

Can you please install the matchpay option on my withdraw list sir?

Is there a reason why my matchpay is not installed on withdraw options sir

All deposit and withdrawal options would be account specific and can be added or removed at anytime

Well can u please add it to mine?

This is no something we are able to change unfortunately.