mBTC Question Balance Changing

I have a question and haven’t gotten a clear answer from the chat. My balance fluctuates a few dollars at a time and I’m wondering if it has to do with the price of Bitcoin changing? One guy I talked to today said once I have deposited my bitcoin to the site it will not change, but if that’s the case why would my dollar amounts be going up and down a little at a time? Thanks!

@Gio2610 once the deposit is in your account it does not fluctuate with the price of Bitcoin.

The only fluctuation I see with your account would be during cash games while playing poker.

So I cashed out of a cash game about 5 hours ago. I had $66.20 when I cashed out. Since then I have seen my account drop to $64 up to $65.50, back down to $64.90 and it’s a different amount in that range every time I refresh the page. Any idea what would cause that?

The poker software deals in USD so that balance can fluctuate based on when you buy in and what the conversion is at that time.

The poker client can only deal in one currency for everyone so that is when you may see the differences but if you have x amount of mBTC in your account and log off for a few hours/days, when you log back in that same mBTC value will be there and not fluctuate.

Right, the mBTC amount has not changed at all, just the dollar amount. So if the bitcoin price is up, the conversion is higher causing USD to rise in the account? And if bitcoin drops, the conversion is less? Just want to make sure I understand and I appreciate the help!

Yes, just strictly speaking to the conversion that has to take place when you play poker.