Miner fees are out of control!

The miners are robbing us! This is ridiculous! For my $40 I get $26
45? Wow!

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Good lord what wallet are you using?

whats best wallet for laptop?

I posted a similar thread couple days ago. Same fee issue. Totally ridiculous !

i use blockchain wallet and its fees are too high

So I just found out cashapp supposedly bans you for gambling sites buuuuuttttttt I’ve been using it to deposit since 2018 literally never had a problem. I’m not sure how they would even know you’re sending it to a casino I thought the point of crypto was privacy anyways. But yeah never pay more than a few cents in miner fees deposits are relatively quick

I should also note that I’m definitely not anything close to a “high roller” maybe others got busted for sending thousands at a time? I typically send between 20-100$ at a time

cash app cant be used on pc can it?

I don’t think so it’s a mobile app. Maybe just make the deposit from your phone and play on your PC also I’ve been hearing a lot of my crypto obsessed frienda that Bitcoin is a waste to make deposits on here do Bitcoin cash instead it’s supposed to be way cheaper

yes…bit coin cash is free to move…but no bit coin deposit bonus which is far more valuable than the mining fees

i think a company called bluestacks lets u use phone apps on pc. wish i knew more about this stuff. ty all for the info.

Use Bitcoin Cash for deposits.

The fee is usually 1 cent and it hits account within a half hour.

And I use bitcoin cash now because there are no fees to send and I still get my bitcoin promotional bonuses just the same as regular bitcoin


@moderators. Do we still receive all bitcoin promotions if we use Bitcoin Cash? Thanks in advance for answering.

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Bitcoin Cash is definitely still eligible for all benefits.

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I just used BCH for first time. A little slower, but hardly any fees (think .59 cents total). Lots less than $1 during transition when price went down. Got my bonuses. Like MUCH better than btc so far. (Probably not for trading though).

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Does anyone know of a trading platform that i could trad $32 worth of btc for bch.


@Texasgal13 Hi there, hope all is well. I’ve been using Bitcoin Cash to deposit for the past month or 2 and it hits account way faster and the fee is usually only 1 cent!