Missing Bonus Money

Hi. I was just wondering about the status of my ticket/issue? Haven’t heard anything back in about 48 hours.

Can you please elaborate more?

I was playing Luxe 555 on the 5th of June when I received an error message. After exiting the slots, all the bonus money that I’ve won disappeared. I contacted live chat and was told that I was wagering $20 a spin up until I changed my wager amount to $11 and 20 something cents. My highest wager while playing Luxe 555 was $4. I had close to $300 when I first opened slot Luxe 555. Support told me that my issue as been escalated to the appropriate team and will receive an update within 24-48 hours. Still nothing

@Bx10ng I will check for an update and PM you.

Do have a screenshot of the error message by any chance?