Missing LTC funds

The transaction has 24 confirmations but the funds were never added to my available balance. Tried to get help through chat, but can’t get anyone to answer.

If you still need help with this, please provide an address of your LTC transaction.

Im missing bsv. Something must be going around

Hi @4whocares,

You were sent a PM, please respond when you can.

Can i please get an explanation as to why crypto is taking so long? Supposedly its fast and safe. Its been 29 hrs. I shouldnt have to wait 48 hrs with no explanation

34 hours later still waiting for my crypto. Thats ok because im still in my 24-48 hour window of resolution. Im willing to bet at 48 hours i will still have no resolution and i will be told 48 hours is just an estimate. Nothings changed here with customer service

I replied on the PM sent to you by @Kareem.